Health and Beauty: Ben Mackie Spin & Movement

At Ben Mackie Spin & Movement, it’s all about the body. Burn calories, feel good, & find your movement. The new studio offers a variety of classes ranging from themed spin classes to different types of yoga, and barre classes. It’s also the only studio in our county that is a certified Spinning® studio. This means that every bike that is in the spin room is identified as a specific Spinner® for indoor cycling with a patented model of stationary exercise bikes.


So what is Spin? The Spinning® program offered at Ben Mackie Spin & Movement is a comprehensive indoor cycling program. Spin includes features that take advantage of the patented Spinner® stationary bike, heart rate training, motivational materials and exercise sets directed at various fitness goals. Our favorite part is after burning all your calories, being greeted with a cool towel scented with eucalyptus to help your cool down.

Spin Teachers: (left to right) Kat, Krystal, Tina and Tony

There are a variety of yoga classes offered at Ben Mackie Spin & Movement. The newest yoga to come to the studio is Buti Yoga (pronounced booty) is a power style yoga, adopted through tribal movements from Africa and India. Similar to other practices of yoga, where you settle into a pose to hold for an extended period of time. Buti Yoga encourages you to move. Changing every movement as the beat of the music changes, you create a spiral structure of your core through your ribs and hips. This activates your lymphatic system to get things moving — including waking up your Shakti, releasing energy in the body to allow for different emotional experiences.


Barre is a combination of micro-movements working your smaller muscles anywhere from 30 to 60 reps. “I make two pounds feel like 20.” says Stacia Lassaro, instructor at the studio. Movements must be executed in great form and everything flows through your core, using your muscles in the same way you use them daily, creating an injury prevention envrionment. Ben Mackie Spin & Movement also offers a Hot Barre class with a temperature reaching over 90 degrees.

Barre Teachers: Stacia, Tina

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