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We caught up with some of the past recipients of the Lincoln Center scholarship to see where they are now. One answer from Mariel Montes caught our attention. She said, “Receiving the Lincoln Center Scholarship was the best way to begin my undergraduate career. It has helped me cover the financial aspects of college, making it possible for me to focus on the wonderful things UCLA has to offer. In addition, attending the award lunch introduced me to multiple students who I still keep in contact with today. As a result, it contributed to my network of talented students from Stockton who strive to make our city and world a better place!” Read on to hear more about the impact that other recipients
are making.

Brady Banks – Lodi High School, Class of 2015
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Mechanical Engineering Major
I absolutely love my school and the program I’m a part of, and San Luis Obispo is an amazing town. I’m currently in the last quarter of my sophomore year, and I’m just starting to get into my harder engineering courses. Even though they are a lot of work and take up most of my time, I find them all incredibly interesting and I feel I’ve learned a lot even in my short time here. I’m hoping to graduate in four years and return to Northern California to work on developing advanced renewable energy systems that can be implemented to reduce our negative impact on the environment.

Joey Blanchard – Tokay High School, Class of 2014
California State University, Fresno, Agriculture Business Major
I am a full-time student, managing a full school schedule, while working part-time for Proplant. In my spare time, I’m a Fraternal officer in Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity where I manage the scholarships for my chapter. After college, I plan on starting my career in Agriculture.

Dana Brady – Linden High School, Class of 2015
California State University, Chico, Animal Science Major
During my first two years at Chico I have worked hard to get on, and maintain my standing on the Dean’s List. I am an active student in the College of Agriculture where I have worked in the farm’s swine unit, been an active member in the Agriculture Ambassadors and have volunteered at Chico State FFA Field Day. I am a member of the Chico Barbell Club and Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority.

Nicholas Dentoni – Tokay High School, Class of 2016
San Joaquin Delta College, Undeclared Major
I am fulfilling all the transfer requirements in hopes of transferring to a four-year university. Right now, I am a redshirt freshman on the Delta College Baseball team. The scholarship money paid for my first semester. I am very grateful to have been awarded the scholarship money and would like to thank you once again.

Samantha Heinrich – John Kimball High School, Class of 2015
Excelsior College, Liberal Arts Major
After my second year of college, I will be graduating this July. I am currently working as an outreach coordinator for InquisitHealth, a company that provides peer mentoring solutions to people with chronic health conditions. Since receiving the Lincoln Center scholarship, I have started a community American Sign Language course and started a preschool American Sign Language immersion program. I have also worked with The Holton Institute, a company that works with Autism Speaks to provide courses on Autism. I worked as a learner support representative, curriculum design assistant, and marketing assistant.

Kinsei Imada – Lincoln High School, Class of 2016
University of the Pacific, Biology Major
I am currently spending my time working on research projects, marathon training, and meeting great people every day.

Alec Knowles – St. Mary’s High School, Class of 2016
San Diego State University, Business Finance Major
At SDSU, I have adjusted well to the college lifestyle and enjoy attending classes as well as the many social activities, such as sporting events. I try to get involved as much as I can on campus and plan on continuing to do so as I further my education in Southern California.

Adela Celine Lopez – Stagg High School, Class of 2016
Stanford University, Undeclared Major
I was recently selected for a fellowship through Stanford in Government as a policy research intern for the Office of Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs. This summer I will also lead a team of high school journalists in a journalism program called Newsroom by the Bay, based at Stanford University. I am thankful to everyone involved with the Lincoln Center Scholarship for giving me and countless other students this opportunity to realize our dreams, goals, and passions by lowering the barriers we will face on the way.

Anthony Madrid – St. Mary’s High School, Class of 2014
University of the Pacific, Business Administration Major
The vision of my future is becoming clearer and I am able to see how my academic studies and extracurricular activities are shaping the world ahead of me. My professional goals include promotion of athletics through teaching, coaching, or sports management. Personally, I aspire to become a leader in my community, sharing the experiences I have gained to help others.

Mariel Montes – Franklin High School, Class of 2016
University of California, Los Angeles, Sociology Major
As a freshman at UCLA I am involved in various activities: some of which include UCLA’s Regents Scholar Society, College Honors Program and the UCLA Volunteer Center. Being a part of these activities has enriched my first-year college experience and has allowed me to immerse myself in my new environment. I look forward to seeing what the coming years have to offer!

Maryalice Rosa – Lodi High School, Class of 2016
University of Southern California, Business Administration (International Relations) Major with a Minor in Human Rights
I am currently interning at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on the LGBTQ, Gender, and Reproductive Justice Project. I work on the implementation of The California Healthy Youth Act, which requires comprehensive sex education in California schools. I also work on Your Health Your Rights, an ACLU project that seeks to provide information and resources on sexual and reproductive health rights in California.

Emily Schneider – Tokay High School, Class of 2014
California State University, Fresno, Agriculture Business Major
I am finishing up my third year at Fresno State and am very involved on campus. I have interned at the Fresno State Swine Unit, as well as the Fresno State Winery Office Assistant Intern, served on the Fresno State Field Day Committee, the Fresno State FFA Conference committee and was a Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology Ambassador. I am currently a member of the Alpha Zeta Professional Agricultural and Honors Society as well a member of the Delta Zeta sorority where I served on the executive board for two years.

Jack Stephens – St. Mary’s High School, Class of 2016
Santa Clara University, Computer Science Major
I am currently studying Computer Science at Santa Clara University. I am very interested in Data Science and Machine Learning and hope to pursue that path in the future. I am also playing Division 1 water polo at Santa Clara. In addition to this, I am a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike) Fraternity.

Joey Traverso – St. Mary’s High School, Class of 2016
University of Arizona, Pre-Business Major
I am a new member in the fraternity Zeta Beta Tau and I am also working hard in school so that I will be able to get into the Eller College of Business.

Nicholas Traverso – St. Mary’s High School, Class of 2015
University of Kansas, Psychology Major
I decided to join a fraternity for my fall semester of sophomore year, and it really helped to branch out and meet lots of great people. School is going well and being in a different part of the country has really opened my eyes to what the mid-west is all about!

Matt Tudor – St. Mary’s High School, Class of 2014
San Jose State University, Business Marketing Major
I am currently attending San Jose State University and I am an active member of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. I was recently accepted into the internship I applied for at Rockwell Collins in Iowa this summer.

Charles Udeze – Weston Ranch High School, Class of 2016
University of California, Merced, Public Health Major and Double Minors in Management and Community Research/Service
I’m currently a member of the school band, African Students’ Union and Medical Society. I volunteer for Compass Health Career Pathways, an organization that encourages middle/high school students interested in health careers to stay and practice within the Central Valley.

Vanessa Viramontes – Edison High School, Class of 2014
University of California Irvine, Double Major in Psychology and Social Behavior & Education
I am currently in my third year at the University of California Irvine (UCI) and on track to graduate at the end of this school year. I hope to attend either UCI’s Masters of Arts in Teaching program or the University of the Pacific’s Masters of Arts in Education program.

Past winners of the Lincoln Center scholarship not featured here: David Alvarado Rivera, Sophie Hernandez, Margarito Meza, Joseph Salazar and Tyler Arismendi.

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Take a vacation south of the border without ever leaving Stockton! A visit to the newly remodeled Tio Pepé’s restaurant and bar will allow you to enjoy the zesty flavors of Mexico, while experiencing the warm hospitality and friendly service of this long-standing family business. Tio Pepé’s “The Original” was established by Eliseo Flores in 1977 at the corner of Hammer Lane and Lower Sacramento Road. The restaurant moved to Lincoln Center in June of 2014. Today, Eliseo’s son Mario and his wife, Sheri Riley invite patrons to relax and enjoy a break from the stress of daily life, and dig into delicious food and creative cocktails.

Fresh describes everything about this establishment. Chef Mario prepares everything in the restaurant from scratch seven days a week. He is passionate about the cuisine and combines treasured, traditional recipes learned from his father with his own contemporary flavors – incorporating more seafood and verde sauce. Salsa and chips are made by hand every day and twice on weekends. The staff works hard to ensure that guests feel welcomed and appreciated.
Recently Tio Pepé’s underwent an exciting renovation adding a full service bar and an outdoor eating area. They welcomed the addition of Matt Wolfe as the bar manager. Matt brings with him 14 years of experience in an upscale Southwestern restaurant at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, and a wealth of knowledge about tequila. He also has a vast array of his own innovative cocktails and continues the fresh approach to flavor by crafting his own pureés and mixes from scratch. He is enthusiastic about bringing new flavors to Stockton.

Matt describes the aromatic characteristics of tequila in terms usually associated with fine wines. After visiting many tequila distilleries in Mexico, he is anxious to share his knowledge with all who want to experience something new. The bar has a wonderful assortment of tequila tempting tasters to “step out of the box.” The owners are planning tequila pairing dinners in the future, as well as tequila flights.

The inviting new redwood bar and pub tables spilling out on the Center’s sidewalk let guests take advantage of our fabulous weather, and new tapas-style menu of bar bites that will soon be launched. So drop into Tio Pepé’s and savor a mini-vacation soon, we’re sure you’ll be back for more!

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There you are — standing in front of all the eyebrow supplies at (insert favorite beauty store here) expected to decide on what’s going to look best, look the most natural, or give you that bold brow look you’ve been trying to achieve. If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried it all: the pencil, the tray of wax + powder, tinting, e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. But you still haven’t found the perfect recipe for your perfect brow. Well, ladies (and gentlemen!), we sat down with Kym, of Kym with a Y, and Chelsea Ramsey at The B Hive and have all the microblading answers.

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that uses a specialized hand controlled tool to make fine cuts in the skin to implant pigment that resembles the appearance of natural eyebrow hair. “It is ideal for filling in sparse areas of the brow where hair isn’t present, and defining and enhancing your natural brow shape,” says Kym. This trend has become more and more popular over the last couple years.

Unlike permanent makeup tattooing, Microblading does not use a machine operated tool. Instead, a small device with multiple microneedles is used. After numbing the area before and during your procedure, the microblade is dipped into a selected color of iron-oxide pigment — an ingredient safe for skin — and then implanted under your skin to mimic the natural hairs in your brows. See photo above. Sign me up ASAP!

Okay, so two things you’re probably thinking:

  1. How much does it cost and,
  2. How long does this last?

First, each salon will vary in price, so you’ll have to inquire, make your consultation and find out. Second, this procedure can last up to 3 years! While it won’t wash off, it will fade over time and touch-ups are required. “Since each skin type is unique, the pigments will hold differently and break down at different rates,” says Chelsea.

If you’re considering microblading, or just tired of trying to find your perfect brow recipe at the makeup store, call one of these lovely ladies here at Lincoln Center. We promise you’ll be in good hands.

Chelsea Ramsey at The B Hive Hair Salon
302 Lincoln Center
(209) 774-6508
Instagram @chelseaeve

Kym with a Y Organic Spa
307B Lincoln Center
(209) 952-2299

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Diane Phillips of D.A.D’S HOT DOGS

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love a great hotdog – and we all know that the ‘go-to’ hot dog shop in Stockton is D.A.D.’s Dogs!  It was nice to sit down with Diane and chat about her popular hot dog shop – discussing her passion, her life and a variety of other tid-bits.  Enjoy.

What is one thing you are most proud of?

I am extremely proud of being in business for 38 years. I love working with Denise and Danielle!

What do you like to do on your days off?

On my days off I enjoy working in my yard and playing cards.

What do you like to do for fun?

In addition to owning D.A.D.’s Dogs, I am also a farmer of almonds and walnuts. I love being outside and working in the fields.

What is your favorite food?

Hot dogs of course – but also tacos!

What is your favorite thing about working at D.A.D.’s?

My customers – I love meeting and talking to customers new and old alike.

How would you order your hotdog?

My go to hot dog is a chili cheese dog with onions.

What does D.A.D.’s Dogs stand for?

Diane and Dogs

Tell us more about the pictures on the walls of the restaurant.

That was Denise’s idea and it was a good one. They are my customers that go back for years. Some are gone now but I wish we would have done this when I first opened in 1979.

Tell us about one regular customer who stands out.

Victor Espinoza has been here since day one. A lot of my customers recognize him from years ago when he played his guitar on the corner of Pershing. Everyone knows his name, he goes by Victor Elvis. He is a sweetheart and he comes in almost every day. We look forward to seeing him. He puts a smile on our faces.    n

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Ribeye, Filet Mignon, Prime Rib. These are just a few of the incredible dishes you’re going to find at Prime Table here in Lincoln Center. Owned and operated by the owners of Market Tavern, the newest addition to the Center has been quite the success so far.

Since its opening in December 2016, Prime Table has been living up to its name by serving high-quality, American beef. “The quality of meat is high, and the way it’s prepared, along with the equipment we bought to prepare it, complements the beef,” said Nick DiArenzo, co-owner of Prime Table.

Alongside the beef, they’re also serving up some of the best sides in town, like Triple Cooked Fries, a Wild Shrimp Cocktail, French Onion Soup, or take a healthier route with Brussels & Cauliflower. Prime Table is also offering seafood and vegetarian options.

Since both Market Tavern and Prime Table try to use as many fresh, locally grown ingredients as possible, there will be seasonal vegetables on the menu, including favorite springtime asparagus. And you can even find local ingredients in
the cocktail list, with choices like Linden Cherry or Black Walnut Manhattans. There is also a carefully cultivated wine list, which includes many local wines, but also some old-world varietals to choose from.

The interior décor of the restaurant was planned just as carefully as the menu. Comprised of the main dining area with the bar, and a banquet room, Prime Table even has its televisions set to black and white to add to the ambiance. As you first walk in the door you are greeted with vintage classics like Audrey Hepburn artwork, a Frank Sinatra headshot and music that makes you feel as if you’re in a different era. “The vibe of the place complements the food and makes for a unique dining experience,” promises Nick.

As for what compelled the owners to go forward with planning another restaurant when they already have a successful one? Passion. Their love for the restaurant business and sup-plying Stockton with the most high-quality food at fair prices.

With an ever-growing interest in local restaurants serving high-quality food and thankfulness for the support of both restaurants, they’re not looking to slow down yet: Nick says, “Look for more things to come.

357 Lincoln Center
(209) 808-5999
Sunday-Thursday 4:00-9:00pm
Friday-Saturday 4:00-10:00pm

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The sun is Finally out today and I’m hoping it holds out for Easter! No complaining about the much needed rain but boy does that sun feel good! Good enough to start thinking about being outside and planning my Easter Brunch! Hmmm… Eggs Benedict? Waffles? Bloody Mary’s? Mimosas? Oh ya, all of the above!

We recently received the necessities to make your brunch perfect. New Bakeware from USA pans… made IN the USA and capable of making even ME look like a baker! I will say the Almond Pound Cake mix, from Plentiful Pantry, we carry doesn’t hurt things…. every time I have served it, it barely has a chance to cool before being devoured. Top it with fresh berries if you have the chance!

Mud Pie, our favorite giftware company, has jumped on the Brunch bandwagon and we just stocked up on all you need! Bloody Mary Pitchers, Bacon Platters, Quiche dishes, Mimosa glasses, Jam Jars… all with catchy phrases you won’t want to miss! Pair it all with Spring linens, and adorable Bunnies for a fresh Easter table setting.
Need new ideas for your brunch offering… check out “The Big Book of Breakfast” or “Sunday Brunch” for some inspiration! Don’t forget the KitchenSide has everything you need for the perfect meal including juicers, egg pans, waffle irons, coffee makers, asparagus steamers, platters and tongs, scone pans and scone mixes and extra large deviled egg platters!

Brunch is served at Best Wishes!

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The beautiful northern Central Valley – a region that is now recognized as one of the most exciting wine destinations in California. You can find many fine wines right here, yet we are not limited as we can explore and enjoy wine from all over the world. Whether you’re enjoying French wines from Fine Wines of Stockton, wandering the selections at our grocers, or pairing delicious wines with your favorite entrées – the options are endless at Lincoln Center. For many, the selections are studied, educated choices. For others, the mere pronunciation and selection process can be intimidating. We reached out to some local experts who make it their mission to familiarize our community with the flavors and depth of wine, to suggest wine pairings with menu selections at many of our restaurants. We also added a few tips on wine etiquette, temperature storage and even solutions for spilled wine mishaps.

Cabernet Sauvignon

(\ˌka-bər-ˈnā-sō-vē-ˈnyōⁿ\), arguably the monster of the wine world, is ideal for pairing with rich and savory cuts of meat. The “King of Wines” is tannin heavy and bold with fruit that only gets better with age.

Tip: Stop by the Center’s newest restaurant, Prime Table, and scroll through their extensive list of full and half bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon like Chimney Rock to pair with their delicious cuts of Prime Grade prime rib.



(/ˈʃɑːrdəneɪ/) is a rich and complex white with notes of butter, cinnamon and pineapple that pairs best with sweet shellfish, chicken and turkey, as well as risotto and pasta.

Tip: Enjoy a rich glass of Rombauer Chardonnay with the Scallop Risotto from Midgley’s Public House.



(\mer-ˈlō\), which means “Little Blackbird” in French, is the base grape for the most renowned French wine, Bordeaux. It’s soft and silky body pairs perfectly with savory meats and marinades without overpowering the palette.

Tip: Popular wine, popular dish – Papapavlo’s Lamb Chops are complemented perfectly by a deep Merlot. Our current fav? Duckhorn Merlot.


Pinot Grigio

(\-ˈgrē-j(ē-)ō, -zh(ē-)ō\) is a crisp and fruity wine. Enjoyable year-round, this white powerhouse has quite the pedigree from Italy. This popular and light wine is paired best with salmon, poultry, shellfish and light appetizers.

Tip: Order a bottle of Pinot Grigio to share with your group at Domo while catching their famous Teppanyaki shows!


Pinot Noir

(\-ˈnwär\) is a low tannin, silky red that is very versatile and light. Pinot can be fruity or dry depending on the region it comes from. It pairs well with heavy fish like salmon and makes poultry and pasta sauces pop!

Tip: At Market Tavern their Pinot Noirs range from Russian River Valley to Willamette Valley. Try it with the Mary’s Rotisserie Chicken or the Spicy Meatball Pizza with burrata cheese.


Sauvignon Blanc 

(\ˌsō-vēn-ˈyōⁿ-ˈbläⁿ\) is a crisp white wine with notes of grass and grapefruit. It pairs best with fresh seafood and allows heavy cream based sauces to truly shine. This wine is extremely flexible with food, but pairs well with cheese, green vegetables and mild vinaigrettes.

Tip: Go right now to Podesto’s Market to check out their famous fresh seafood selection and grab a nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to go. Need a cheese recommendation? Try Laura Chenel Chevre, goat milk cheese – trust us!



(\ˈzin-fən-ˌdel\) a deliciously jammy wine with rich hints of spice is the most respected and decorated varietal of wine cultivated in Lodi. The Lodi wine region has been accredited and was even awarded Region of the Year by Wine Enthusiast in 2015.

Tip: What better way to balance the tasty spice of Tio Pepe’s Carne Asada or Fajitas than with an exquisite glass of Zin. Tio Pepe’s has local, Oak Farm Zinfandel.


Do’s and Don’ts of Drinking Wine


  •  grab and hold your wine glass by the stem.
  • pour reasonable portions – don’t overfill your glass. You can negatively alter its perfect temperature or the flavor with too much oxygen exposure.
  •  allow your wine to breathe to open the different nose (smells) and flavors.
  • use “Himalaya PartySmart” and plenty of water to prevent an unpleasant headache the next morning! You can find it at Artesian Natural Foods, in the Center.


  •  serve wine types in the wrong glassware.
  •  serve a white wine too cold, or reds too warm. See our temperature guide below!


Oh no! I spilled my wine!

The experts at Fine Wines of Stockton have seen quite a few wine spills in their day and have some great advice! When you have that ‘wine-spill’ moment, the first thing you should do is immediately poor a generous amount of salt to cover the entire spill and let it sit for a while. Then, if on clothing or table cloth, your next step is to wash with SHOUT. If the spill is on carpet, apply Wine Away, a spray specifically made for wine spills!


From Bordeaux, France to Stockton, California

Bordeaux, France is perhaps the world’s most famous wine region and one that has been bringing wine connoisseurs together for years.

George and Gail Herron, owners of Fine Wines of Stockton, have traveled to Bordeaux, France for the past 21 years to select only the best wines for their store. Joined by fellow wine experts and importers from all over the world, during their visit they taste nearly 300 exclusive vintage wines.

Their selections are considered ‘futures’ and must wait two years while the wine is barrel aged, clarified and bottled. Only then will it be shipped from France to Fine Wines, allowing customers to taste all that Bordeaux, France has to offer.

Stop in today to pick up a bottle for yourself.



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This month at Lincoln Center we are celebrating the wonderful men and women who have selflessly risked their lives in order to secure our safety here in the United States. These brave men and women, our local heroes, our Veterans. We celebrated our Veterans during our July LIVE! At Lincoln Center last Friday, July 15th. On the cover of our July Chronicle we have featured some of our local Lincoln Center heroes: Ken Meyers, Cecil Rocket, Ben Mackie and Ed Samorano. Read on to hear their stories.

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Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 1.45.40 PM

Picking out the perfect gift for your dad on Father’s Day can be a difficult task. Let our experts here in the Center help you find the perfect gift for your dad’s unique taste. Make sure to celebrate your father on his special day and find him a gift that will show him how much you appreciate having him as your dad.

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Kick off to Summer 2016!

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 1.56.00 PM

The warm weather has arrived and it’s going to be a HOT summer! The end of the school year is just about here and we want you to be more than prepared for the heat this summer. From summer activities, to swim suits, to flip flops and sunglasses! Lincoln Center is here to help you find all the essentials you need to make this a great summer!

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