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Rich is our county overflowing with an abundance of creatives, adventurous entrepreneurs and talented visionaries — not to mention our agriculture that feeds the world.

If we could only display each and every item that comes from San Joaquin County, it serves as a fantastic reminder to all of us that the people, as well as our goods, make this a unique and valued place.

We have gathered a small representation of local items you can find right here in Lincoln Center — ranging from books written by talented authors (like the one on the cover of this issue), handcrafted jewelry, children’s clothing and even pencil dust recycled into fire logs. Gifts, baskets filled to the brim or simply because that beautiful necklace would look incredible on you… find your reason to support and engage in the culture and richness of this wonderful place we call home.

Hats off to Stockton’s Dorfman Pacific!

One of the largest full-line hat companies in the world, they got their start in Oakland in 1921 and recently celebrated their 95th anniversary at their corporate headquarters now based in Stockton. Dorfman Pacific sells their products to retail stores all over the world.

Dorfman holds licenses for many of the most recognizable hat brands in the fashion world including Stetson, Tommy Bahama, Biltmore, Indiana Jones, Santana and Scala! From contemporary styles to rugged action wear, Dorfman Pacific has you covered.

Locally known for their passionate commitment to being involved and giving back to many non-profit organizations throughout Stockton and the world, we tip our hat to you, Dorfman Pacific.

Find a selection of Dorfman Pacific hats at McCaulou’s. Fun Fact! Hats are a big deal! We all know that Indiana Jones never leaves for an adventure without his signature hat – a wool felt fedora. Dorfman Pacific is the official Lucasfilm Ltd., approved Indiana Jones headwear.

Homestead Favorites

One of the pioneer families of Linden had established a diverse and successful farm raising row crops and livestock. Then in 1960, Karl Grupe ventured out to plant cherries on the Homestead Ranch. Since then, the next generations have continued to provide some of the finest cherries in the area. Bing cherries are harvested and shipped around the world to fresh markets. The same delicious fruit produced and sun-rippened on the trees are also picked to create Homestead Favorites Cherry Jellies by Charlyn Grupe Hulsman. The juice is extracted the same day to preserve its fruitfulness and retain its delicious flavor. Making these jellies for their family and friends was a tradition for Charlyn and her mother Fran. She now shares her scrumptious jellies through stores and wineries in the region. Podesto’s Market carries a nice selection of the Homestead Favorites Cherry Jelly, Cherry Pepper Jelly and Cherry Chutney.

Susies Custom

Celebrity Status
Creating trendy childrens clothing for babies, toddlers and kids, local designer Susie and her husband are trendsetters! Their fashionable pieces are often seen on the children of the Kardashians, and Kevin Hart – to drop a few celebrity names! Their adorable collection includes custom ripped denim, graphic tees, beanies and accessories. Susies Custom designs are available at Sassy Pants Children’s Boutique.

Papapavlo’s Bistro and Bar

Since 1989 Andy and Jennifer Pappas, owners of Papapavlo’s Bistro & Bar have been serving delicious Mediterranean cuisine – savory dishes such as lamb, fish, steak, pasta and salad, always prepared and seasoned to perfection. And their popular bar is a favorite gathering place!  You can now bring the flavors of Papapavlo’s home with you … their three delicious marinades – Classic Greek Salad Dressing – Classic Chicken and Classic Beef and Lamb Marinades will make you a Mediterranean Chef extraordinaire! Opa!

Tip: Find them at Papapavlo’s and Podesto’s.

Children’s books written by local authors.

Bruno’s Peppers 

How many pickled peppers can Mr. Bruno pick?

Produced in San Joaquin County, Bruno’s zesty Italian waxed pickled peppers aren’t limited to Mild, Nippy and Hot! They also have other products such as pickled green beans, asparagus and stuffed olives. Bruno’s Peppers can be found at Podesto’s Market. Fun Fact! Each year they pickle 100,000 pounds of peppers!

The Heat is On…

Mike Harden (pictured right), retired Fire Captain for the Lodi Fire Department created Flamethrower Rubs for beef, pork, chicken and even vegetables! Mike and his buddy Matt Bergan are nationally ranked at BBQ competitions throughout the West Coast. You can find Flamethrower Rubs at Fat City Brew & BBQ Supply.

Tip from the BBQ experts: Use the “Heat” rub in Bloody Mary’s and on chicken wings for that extra kick!

Crunchy Mama Bear Skin Care

Crunchy Mama Bear Skin Care is as wholesome as its ingredients. Handcrafted in Stockton by Rebecca Nowak, she uses only the purest, most natural ingredients to produce luxurious handmade skin care products. From sugar body scrubs to essential oils, you can find Crunchy Mama Bear Skin Care at Artesian Health Foods. And you can also find Rebecca at Bud’s Seafood where she is a server.

A Blazing Success –From Pencils to Fire Logs

Gazing at the historic Klamath Ferry docked on the deep-water channel in Stockton, you will find Duraflame, the internationally popular manufacturer of fire logs. More than 50 years ago Stockton based California Cedar Products was looking for ways to recycle the sawdust from its pencil operations. Blending sawdust with petroleum wax, the mixture metamorphosed into the first Duraflame fire log. As this new company grew they expanded to developing fire starters, matches and lighters, grilling products, fireplaces and heaters. Locally owned and independently operated by the Berolzheimer family, they have more than 250 employees and two manufacturing facilities. Duraflame continues to be a leader in its industry and is a blazing success!

Duraflame products can be purchased at Podesto’s Market.


An additional list of locally made products sold within our center…

Local Product

Local Store

al Dente! Pasta Sauce Podesto’s Market
Alder Market Salad Dressing Podesto’s Market
Angelina’s Raviolis, Pasta Sauce and Pesto Podesto’s Market
Art from Erin Elizabeth C.R. Porter
Art from Robert Kelley C.R. Porter
At the Table Together Baking Mixes Best Wishes
Bellindora Balsamic Vinegar Artesian Natural Foods
Bimba’s Biscotti Podesto’s Market
Blue Star All Purpose Seasoning Podesto’s Market
Bruno’s Peppers Podesto’s Market
Buzzbee’s Honey Artesian Natural Foods
California HotWood Podesto’s Market
Coldani Olive Oil Podesto’s Market
Confessions of a Bunny Childrens Book Sassy Pants Childrens Boutique
Consumnes River Farms Delta Barrel Olive Oil Artesian Natural Foods
Corto Olive Oil Podesto’s Market
Crunchy Mama Bear Skin Care Artesian Natural Foods
Dorfman Pacific McCaulou’s Department Store
Dropped-Off Dog Childrens Book C.R. Porter
Duraflame Podesto’s Market
E. M. Pedrini Jewelry Theadora Boutique
Elevate Jewelry Zuesters
Exclusivo Pasta Sauce Podesto’s Market
Flamethrower Rubs Fat City Brew & BBQ Supply
Genova Bread and Rolls Podesto’s Market
Gold Coast Honey Artesian Natural Foods
Homestead Favorites Podesto’s Market
Jewel by G Jewelry Flair Boutique
Key Chains and Decorative Wine Stoppers by Tamera McClaren Theadora Boutique
Live 209 Apparel Zuesters
Mom’s Spice Bomb Fat City Brew & BBQ Supply
Monroy’s Hot Sauce Fat City Brew & BBQ Supply
Once Upon a Safari Childrens Book Best Wishes
Papapavlo’s Salad Dressings & Marinades Podesto’s Market and Papapavlo’s
Rob’s Smokin Rub and Sauce Fat City Brew & BBQ Supply
Susies Custom Apparel Sassy Pants Childrens Boutique
Trail Coffee Podesto’s Market
Waterloo BBQ Sauce Podesto’s Market
Wine, Wine, Wine and More Wine!
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Finally, spring has sprung! A long Lincoln Center tradition — the Easter Bunny is coming back! This year, he’s hopping his way into McCaulou’s Department Store April 8th, 9th, 14th and 15th from 12:00-4:00pm.  Visiting the bunny is absolutely FREE and the children will receive bunny ears to take home. Parents should bring their camera to capture their children with the Bunny.

McCaulou’s is also hosting a $1000 prize giveaway coloring contest. Print out this sheet here, color it and drop it off at McCaulou’s by April 15th right here in Lincoln Center to be entered to win!

See you at the Center!

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The beautiful northern Central Valley – a region that is now recognized as one of the most exciting wine destinations in California. You can find many fine wines right here, yet we are not limited as we can explore and enjoy wine from all over the world. Whether you’re enjoying French wines from Fine Wines of Stockton, wandering the selections at our grocers, or pairing delicious wines with your favorite entrées – the options are endless at Lincoln Center. For many, the selections are studied, educated choices. For others, the mere pronunciation and selection process can be intimidating. We reached out to some local experts who make it their mission to familiarize our community with the flavors and depth of wine, to suggest wine pairings with menu selections at many of our restaurants. We also added a few tips on wine etiquette, temperature storage and even solutions for spilled wine mishaps.

Cabernet Sauvignon

(\ˌka-bər-ˈnā-sō-vē-ˈnyōⁿ\), arguably the monster of the wine world, is ideal for pairing with rich and savory cuts of meat. The “King of Wines” is tannin heavy and bold with fruit that only gets better with age.

Tip: Stop by the Center’s newest restaurant, Prime Table, and scroll through their extensive list of full and half bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon like Chimney Rock to pair with their delicious cuts of Prime Grade prime rib.



(/ˈʃɑːrdəneɪ/) is a rich and complex white with notes of butter, cinnamon and pineapple that pairs best with sweet shellfish, chicken and turkey, as well as risotto and pasta.

Tip: Enjoy a rich glass of Rombauer Chardonnay with the Scallop Risotto from Midgley’s Public House.



(\mer-ˈlō\), which means “Little Blackbird” in French, is the base grape for the most renowned French wine, Bordeaux. It’s soft and silky body pairs perfectly with savory meats and marinades without overpowering the palette.

Tip: Popular wine, popular dish – Papapavlo’s Lamb Chops are complemented perfectly by a deep Merlot. Our current fav? Duckhorn Merlot.


Pinot Grigio

(\-ˈgrē-j(ē-)ō, -zh(ē-)ō\) is a crisp and fruity wine. Enjoyable year-round, this white powerhouse has quite the pedigree from Italy. This popular and light wine is paired best with salmon, poultry, shellfish and light appetizers.

Tip: Order a bottle of Pinot Grigio to share with your group at Domo while catching their famous Teppanyaki shows!


Pinot Noir

(\-ˈnwär\) is a low tannin, silky red that is very versatile and light. Pinot can be fruity or dry depending on the region it comes from. It pairs well with heavy fish like salmon and makes poultry and pasta sauces pop!

Tip: At Market Tavern their Pinot Noirs range from Russian River Valley to Willamette Valley. Try it with the Mary’s Rotisserie Chicken or the Spicy Meatball Pizza with burrata cheese.


Sauvignon Blanc 

(\ˌsō-vēn-ˈyōⁿ-ˈbläⁿ\) is a crisp white wine with notes of grass and grapefruit. It pairs best with fresh seafood and allows heavy cream based sauces to truly shine. This wine is extremely flexible with food, but pairs well with cheese, green vegetables and mild vinaigrettes.

Tip: Go right now to Podesto’s Market to check out their famous fresh seafood selection and grab a nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to go. Need a cheese recommendation? Try Laura Chenel Chevre, goat milk cheese – trust us!



(\ˈzin-fən-ˌdel\) a deliciously jammy wine with rich hints of spice is the most respected and decorated varietal of wine cultivated in Lodi. The Lodi wine region has been accredited and was even awarded Region of the Year by Wine Enthusiast in 2015.

Tip: What better way to balance the tasty spice of Tio Pepe’s Carne Asada or Fajitas than with an exquisite glass of Zin. Tio Pepe’s has local, Oak Farm Zinfandel.


Do’s and Don’ts of Drinking Wine


  •  grab and hold your wine glass by the stem.
  • pour reasonable portions – don’t overfill your glass. You can negatively alter its perfect temperature or the flavor with too much oxygen exposure.
  •  allow your wine to breathe to open the different nose (smells) and flavors.
  • use “Himalaya PartySmart” and plenty of water to prevent an unpleasant headache the next morning! You can find it at Artesian Natural Foods, in the Center.


  •  serve wine types in the wrong glassware.
  •  serve a white wine too cold, or reds too warm. See our temperature guide below!


Oh no! I spilled my wine!

The experts at Fine Wines of Stockton have seen quite a few wine spills in their day and have some great advice! When you have that ‘wine-spill’ moment, the first thing you should do is immediately poor a generous amount of salt to cover the entire spill and let it sit for a while. Then, if on clothing or table cloth, your next step is to wash with SHOUT. If the spill is on carpet, apply Wine Away, a spray specifically made for wine spills!


From Bordeaux, France to Stockton, California

Bordeaux, France is perhaps the world’s most famous wine region and one that has been bringing wine connoisseurs together for years.

George and Gail Herron, owners of Fine Wines of Stockton, have traveled to Bordeaux, France for the past 21 years to select only the best wines for their store. Joined by fellow wine experts and importers from all over the world, during their visit they taste nearly 300 exclusive vintage wines.

Their selections are considered ‘futures’ and must wait two years while the wine is barrel aged, clarified and bottled. Only then will it be shipped from France to Fine Wines, allowing customers to taste all that Bordeaux, France has to offer.

Stop in today to pick up a bottle for yourself.



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Love is a four legged word! Join us Saturday, March 11th, from 10am-1pm for pet adoptions, microchipping, shot clinics and more!

Who: Lincoln Center in pawtnership with Venetian Pet Hospital

What: Wags & Whiskers pet adoption, microchipping, shot clinic, a fur-friendly photobooth, Sheriff K-9 demonstration and so much more!

Where: Lincoln Center South along Benjamin Holt & Gettysburg Drive

When: March 11th from 10am-1pm

Why: Because love is a four legged word!

Bring your fur-friends, grab your girlfriends (and boyfriends) for a purfect Saturday in Lincoln Center!

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Welcome Back, C.R. Porter!

It was in November 1998 that owner Tammy Kelley was inspired to open C.R. Porter after recognizing a lack of furnishing stores in Stockton. Her beautiful store has since been the premier provider of living room furniture, dining room furnishings, bedroom sets and plenty of accessories. From the beautiful decorative Sid Dickens tiles to Jan Barboglio’s impressive wrought iron accessories – there is no shortage of one of a kind additions to your home.

“Each customer offers an opportunity to be creative,” said Tammy. “We’re creating relationships and providing a personal touch.” It’s not unusual for her to see something while she’s shopping and pick it up because she thinks it would be a perfect t for a customer’s home.

C.R. Porter prides itself on curating a collection of unique things that they promise have character. And since they work with so many boutique manufacturers, some of what they sell can even be customized. They love being able to build something and be creative. “One of my favorite things is the amount of options we have available to customers,” Tammy said, referring to the hundreds of upholstery samples that can be used to customize sofas in all shapes, sizes and orientations to best match the décor of your home.

The start of a new year is the perfect time to finally take on the home redecoration project you’ve been thinking of doing. So why not visit C.R. Porter for some inspiration? If the idea of redecorating sounds intimidating or overwhelming, Tammy is happy to set up in-home consultation appointments. “Most people know what they’re doing, but they need the reassurance and guidance,” said Tammy. “We prefer to work with people as opposed to working for them.”

No matter what you’re looking for, you can be certain that everything you see in the shop was purchased and displayed with care and thought. “We try not to duplicate things,” said Tammy. “We’re not afraid to think outside the box. And we buy things that we’d love to have in our own homes.”



• The team at C.R. Porter tries to redesign the floor at least once a month.

• The name C.R. Porter came from an old family name.

• An easy start to customizing your home? Choose a unique fragrance that guests will remember.


429 Lincoln Center


Monday – Saturday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Sunday: 12:00 – 5:00 pm

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Valentine’s Day: Love is in the air! 

We know what you’re thinking, another cliché Valentine’s Day promotion, but read along before you make it through that full eye-roll! Yes, yes, love is in the air. We’re not only talking about love for your “significant other.” It could be the love for your kids, parents, grandparents, pets and so many others!

This Valentine’s Day, take advantage of free (you heard that right!) horse & carriage rides through the Center. Simply make a reservation at one of Lincoln Center’s many fine dining establishments. Make your loved one’s evening that much more special by treating them to this complimentary ride before or after dinner! It’s the perfect way to say “I love you!”

Call 209.477.4868 to book your spot on the Horse & Carriage Ride today! Pick up & drop off will be on the Brickwalk, near Merle Norman. Inquire for spot availability and information.


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Put your Heart into it
 A Message from the American Heart Association

Let’s unite to prevent heart disease and stroke
A Message from the American Heart Association

February is American Heart Month, dedicated to raising awareness about heart disease. Heart disease and stroke cause 1 in 3 deaths among women each year – more than all cancers combined. Fortunately, we can change that because 80 percent of cardiac events can be prevented with education and lifestyle changes. It’s time to put our hearts into it and Go Red For Women.

The American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women is a social initiative designed to empower women to take charge of their heart health. On February 3, 2017, National Wear Red Day, Lincoln Center is taking part in this nationwide initiative. We’re turning the Big L red and encouraging merchants and customers to wear red. Lincoln Center stands in support of living a healthy lifestyle and spreading the message that heart disease is killing our mothers, daughters, sisters and friends.

For more than a decade, Go Red For Women has fought for equal health opportunity for all women. While we’ve made remarkable progress, heart disease still claims the life of approximately one woman every 80 seconds. United, we can improve the health of all women.

Find out how you can Go Red at, and follow us on Facebook for up to date information on Lincoln Center’s participation.

Looking to get involved with the local American Heart Association? Sign up now for the San Joaquin Heart Walk at or contact Ann Leale at 209-470-4306 or

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This month at Lincoln Center we are celebrating the wonderful men and women who have selflessly risked their lives in order to secure our safety here in the United States. These brave men and women, our local heroes, our Veterans. We celebrated our Veterans during our July LIVE! At Lincoln Center last Friday, July 15th. On the cover of our July Chronicle we have featured some of our local Lincoln Center heroes: Ken Meyers, Cecil Rocket, Ben Mackie and Ed Samorano. Read on to hear their stories.

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Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 1.45.40 PM

Picking out the perfect gift for your dad on Father’s Day can be a difficult task. Let our experts here in the Center help you find the perfect gift for your dad’s unique taste. Make sure to celebrate your father on his special day and find him a gift that will show him how much you appreciate having him as your dad.

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