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The oh-so-amazing Semi-Annual Sidewalk Sale take is back Saturday, October 7, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. Shoppers (especially those on the hunt for deals!) won’t want to miss this event that only takes place twice each year! The much-anticipated Fall Sidewalk Sale features clothing, accessories, shoes, gifts, home décor, sportswear, cosmetics, cards and stationery, games and educational supplies – all at amazing prices. Get fabulous deals on finds for you and the whole family. For the best selection, join us at 9:00 am. With more than 20 participating stores, you’re sure to find something you love!

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This July we’re bringing you a family friendly event every Friday night in July! We know this month is filled with summer vacations, pool days and lots of ice cream — so we want you to bring your family and enjoy some of those hot summer nights right here at Lincoln Center. We’re kicking it off on July 7th, and continuing through the 14th, 21st, and 28th. Keep scrolling down to discover all the fun that will be taking place!


Our first Friday night in July is here! Join us for lots of family fun, including a Rock Climbing wall and great music from 6-9 pm! Lovers Riff will be playing back on the Brickwalk – they were a crowd favorite at the Wine Stroll, so we’re happy to have them back! Calli Grace Music will be playing near DeVons also near the climbing wall!



July 14th brings us to smack dab in the middle of the year! Whew — where has the time gone!? Let’s celebrate by rocking out allll night long with the one & only Summit Band. A fan favorite all through town, Dan Spediacci and his crew do a fantastic job covering some of musics hottest hits — old and new! Don’t miss them perform from 6-9 pm on the Plaza and grab yourself a beer while you’re there at the Midgley’s Public House beer garden.



Did you know? On June 16th, 2017, Grease the Movie celebrated its 39th Birthday. Do you feel old? Because we do! But that doesn’t change the fact that this is still one of our all-time favorite movies. I mean, who doesn’t LOVE this ending? So pop the popcorn, bring your blankets and chairs, because we’re pulling out the projector and playing this family favorite classic. The movie starts at 8:30. The Jet Set Band will be providing entertainment from 6-8:30 pm prior to show time. See you there!



To round out the month, we’re inviting you to enjoy an evening filled with acoustic music throughout the Center. Grab a seat on the Tio Pepé’s or Midgley’s Patio to listen from 6-9 pm.

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Rich is our county overflowing with an abundance of creatives, adventurous entrepreneurs and talented visionaries — not to mention our agriculture that feeds the world.

If we could only display each and every item that comes from San Joaquin County, it serves as a fantastic reminder to all of us that the people, as well as our goods, make this a unique and valued place.

We have gathered a small representation of local items you can find right here in Lincoln Center — ranging from books written by talented authors (like the one on the cover of this issue), handcrafted jewelry, children’s clothing and even pencil dust recycled into fire logs. Gifts, baskets filled to the brim or simply because that beautiful necklace would look incredible on you… find your reason to support and engage in the culture and richness of this wonderful place we call home.

Hats off to Stockton’s Dorfman Pacific!

One of the largest full-line hat companies in the world, they got their start in Oakland in 1921 and recently celebrated their 95th anniversary at their corporate headquarters now based in Stockton. Dorfman Pacific sells their products to retail stores all over the world.

Dorfman holds licenses for many of the most recognizable hat brands in the fashion world including Stetson, Tommy Bahama, Biltmore, Indiana Jones, Santana and Scala! From contemporary styles to rugged action wear, Dorfman Pacific has you covered.

Locally known for their passionate commitment to being involved and giving back to many non-profit organizations throughout Stockton and the world, we tip our hat to you, Dorfman Pacific.

Find a selection of Dorfman Pacific hats at McCaulou’s. Fun Fact! Hats are a big deal! We all know that Indiana Jones never leaves for an adventure without his signature hat – a wool felt fedora. Dorfman Pacific is the official Lucasfilm Ltd., approved Indiana Jones headwear.

Homestead Favorites

One of the pioneer families of Linden had established a diverse and successful farm raising row crops and livestock. Then in 1960, Karl Grupe ventured out to plant cherries on the Homestead Ranch. Since then, the next generations have continued to provide some of the finest cherries in the area. Bing cherries are harvested and shipped around the world to fresh markets. The same delicious fruit produced and sun-rippened on the trees are also picked to create Homestead Favorites Cherry Jellies by Charlyn Grupe Hulsman. The juice is extracted the same day to preserve its fruitfulness and retain its delicious flavor. Making these jellies for their family and friends was a tradition for Charlyn and her mother Fran. She now shares her scrumptious jellies through stores and wineries in the region. Podesto’s Market carries a nice selection of the Homestead Favorites Cherry Jelly, Cherry Pepper Jelly and Cherry Chutney.

Susies Custom

Celebrity Status
Creating trendy childrens clothing for babies, toddlers and kids, local designer Susie and her husband are trendsetters! Their fashionable pieces are often seen on the children of the Kardashians, and Kevin Hart – to drop a few celebrity names! Their adorable collection includes custom ripped denim, graphic tees, beanies and accessories. Susies Custom designs are available at Sassy Pants Children’s Boutique.

Papapavlo’s Bistro and Bar

Since 1989 Andy and Jennifer Pappas, owners of Papapavlo’s Bistro & Bar have been serving delicious Mediterranean cuisine – savory dishes such as lamb, fish, steak, pasta and salad, always prepared and seasoned to perfection. And their popular bar is a favorite gathering place!  You can now bring the flavors of Papapavlo’s home with you … their three delicious marinades – Classic Greek Salad Dressing – Classic Chicken and Classic Beef and Lamb Marinades will make you a Mediterranean Chef extraordinaire! Opa!

Tip: Find them at Papapavlo’s and Podesto’s.

Children’s books written by local authors.

Bruno’s Peppers 

How many pickled peppers can Mr. Bruno pick?

Produced in San Joaquin County, Bruno’s zesty Italian waxed pickled peppers aren’t limited to Mild, Nippy and Hot! They also have other products such as pickled green beans, asparagus and stuffed olives. Bruno’s Peppers can be found at Podesto’s Market. Fun Fact! Each year they pickle 100,000 pounds of peppers!

The Heat is On…

Mike Harden (pictured right), retired Fire Captain for the Lodi Fire Department created Flamethrower Rubs for beef, pork, chicken and even vegetables! Mike and his buddy Matt Bergan are nationally ranked at BBQ competitions throughout the West Coast. You can find Flamethrower Rubs at Fat City Brew & BBQ Supply.

Tip from the BBQ experts: Use the “Heat” rub in Bloody Mary’s and on chicken wings for that extra kick!

Crunchy Mama Bear Skin Care

Crunchy Mama Bear Skin Care is as wholesome as its ingredients. Handcrafted in Stockton by Rebecca Nowak, she uses only the purest, most natural ingredients to produce luxurious handmade skin care products. From sugar body scrubs to essential oils, you can find Crunchy Mama Bear Skin Care at Artesian Health Foods. And you can also find Rebecca at Bud’s Seafood where she is a server.

A Blazing Success –From Pencils to Fire Logs

Gazing at the historic Klamath Ferry docked on the deep-water channel in Stockton, you will find Duraflame, the internationally popular manufacturer of fire logs. More than 50 years ago Stockton based California Cedar Products was looking for ways to recycle the sawdust from its pencil operations. Blending sawdust with petroleum wax, the mixture metamorphosed into the first Duraflame fire log. As this new company grew they expanded to developing fire starters, matches and lighters, grilling products, fireplaces and heaters. Locally owned and independently operated by the Berolzheimer family, they have more than 250 employees and two manufacturing facilities. Duraflame continues to be a leader in its industry and is a blazing success!

Duraflame products can be purchased at Podesto’s Market.


An additional list of locally made products sold within our center…

Local Product

Local Store

al Dente! Pasta Sauce Podesto’s Market
Alder Market Salad Dressing Podesto’s Market
Angelina’s Raviolis, Pasta Sauce and Pesto Podesto’s Market
Art from Erin Elizabeth C.R. Porter
Art from Robert Kelley C.R. Porter
At the Table Together Baking Mixes Best Wishes
Bellindora Balsamic Vinegar Artesian Natural Foods
Bimba’s Biscotti Podesto’s Market
Blue Star All Purpose Seasoning Podesto’s Market
Bruno’s Peppers Podesto’s Market
Buzzbee’s Honey Artesian Natural Foods
California HotWood Podesto’s Market
Coldani Olive Oil Podesto’s Market
Confessions of a Bunny Childrens Book Sassy Pants Childrens Boutique
Consumnes River Farms Delta Barrel Olive Oil Artesian Natural Foods
Corto Olive Oil Podesto’s Market
Crunchy Mama Bear Skin Care Artesian Natural Foods
Dorfman Pacific McCaulou’s Department Store
Dropped-Off Dog Childrens Book C.R. Porter
Duraflame Podesto’s Market
E. M. Pedrini Jewelry Theadora Boutique
Elevate Jewelry Zuesters
Exclusivo Pasta Sauce Podesto’s Market
Flamethrower Rubs Fat City Brew & BBQ Supply
Genova Bread and Rolls Podesto’s Market
Gold Coast Honey Artesian Natural Foods
Homestead Favorites Podesto’s Market
Jewel by G Jewelry Flair Boutique
Key Chains and Decorative Wine Stoppers by Tamera McClaren Theadora Boutique
Live 209 Apparel Zuesters
Mom’s Spice Bomb Fat City Brew & BBQ Supply
Monroy’s Hot Sauce Fat City Brew & BBQ Supply
Once Upon a Safari Childrens Book Best Wishes
Papapavlo’s Salad Dressings & Marinades Podesto’s Market and Papapavlo’s
Rob’s Smokin Rub and Sauce Fat City Brew & BBQ Supply
Susies Custom Apparel Sassy Pants Childrens Boutique
Trail Coffee Podesto’s Market
Waterloo BBQ Sauce Podesto’s Market
Wine, Wine, Wine and More Wine!
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Drumroll, please! Introducing Lincoln, the Lincoln Center Elf on the Shelf. Lincoln will be visiting daily from the North Pole to a handful of merchants here in the Center and we heard he’s giving out some Lincoln Center gift cards! Lincoln definitely has some twists and turns up his sleeve, so he’s not giving those gift cards up for free — Keep reading to find out what you have to do and where you can find Lincoln this month!


Lincoln, the Lincoln Center Elf, will be at different locations every week starting December 1st. He is one sneaky elf — you’ll have to keep your eyes wide to find him. Once you find him:


  1. Take a selfie with Lincoln
  2. Upload the photo to Instagram
  3. Tag your location
  4. Hashtag #lincolncentershops & #holidaysatLC
  5. Follow @LincolnCenterShops & @(Store) on Instagram


Now! Where can you find Lincoln?

December 1-5: Lincoln is putting on his new running shoes (and clothes!) and hitting the pavement. Can you guess where he’s headed too?

December 6-9: Rub-a-dub-dub — and we’re not talking about taking a bath. He’s diving into spices galore, brewing his own beer and busting out the Green Egg for the season. Where might he be?

December 10-13: Deck the halls with Lincoln Center’s newest retailer! Lincoln is off to this new shop that’s joining us for the second time around. Any second guesses?

December 14-19: One step, two step, three step, four! Lincoln is headed into the biggest shop there is. And he’s becoming more and more sneaky since there are shoes, kid’s toys, men’s clothing and more! Take a big guess!

December 20-24: Lincoln’s is headed to sip on some famous cider at your store for all occasions. Think baking fresh cookies, picking up any last minute decorations and making sure you have all the tools to cook your best this December! Make your best guess.

What’s in it for you? 

We’re glad you asked! A winner will be selected every Wednesday in December. The winner will be selected at random by using the hashtags #lincolncentershops and #holidaysatLC and will receive a $25 gift card to Lincoln Center. Happy elf hunting!

Make sure your Instagram is public so we can see your pictures! 

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Every year we rally the Lincoln and St. Mary’s High School Baseball teams to help us collect as much non-perishable food as possible. This yea, on December 10th, they’ll be set up in front of Podesto’s Market and Trader Joe’s from 9am to 3pm ready for your donations! Last year we were able to donate of 1800 lbs of food — help us double that this year! All proceeds will go to the Emergency Food Bank of San Joaquin County.

Please donate any non-perishable food items:

  • canned fruit, vegetables, beans, meats and stews
  • peanut butter
  • boxed potatoes and rice
  • cereal
  • pasta + sauce
  • instant oatmeal, baby food or formula

img_0128 img_0130 img_0157

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We’re in the season of giving here at the Center! One of our favorite parts about this time of year is giving back, not only to each other but to our community. 11 Merchants this year have offered to host a bin to help collect new or gently used coats and new socks through December 10th. On the 10th, we will gather all that has been donated graciously by you, and bring the coats & socks to Saint Mary’s Dining Room, the San Joaquin County Women’s Center-Youth & Family Services and Lodi Salvation Army. Below is the list of locations where you can drop!

  1. American Hearing Aids
  2. Artesian Natural Foods
  3. Best Wishes
  4. Flair Boutique
  5. Draper’s and Damon’s
  6. Parkwoods Cleaners
  7. Theadora
  8. The B Hive Hair Salon
  9. The UPS Store
  10. Village Barber Shop
  11. Zuesters



A look into last year’s donations!


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The Holiday Open House is the official kickoff to the Holiday season here at Lincoln Center! Some may say Christmas before Thanksgiving is crazy, but we say we just want you to get ahead of the game! Start checking off your shopping lists, take your (free!) family photo in front of the Christmas tree (perfect for your holiday card!), see Santa’s reindeer and take a train ride! Speaking of Santa, get ready for a new kind of winter wonderland! Santa has moved from his home on the Brickwalk to the North Pole, in the former Lino Bella location. This amazing space has given Santa, his elves and the Snow Village a new home, together under one roof.

Santa will be here from 12-5pm 

Train from 11-2pm 

Carriage rides from 2-5pm

Be sure to bring your Christmas shopping list with you. Our stores have great selections of gifts for everyone on your list. Here’s what’s happening that day in some of the shops:

Along The Way

Enjoy 15% off this day only

Artesian Natural Foods

Join us for food demonstrations and giveaways

Best Wishes

Darren Gygi Prints

  • Buy 4 get 1 FREE (all same size)
  • Enter to win a signed 20″ x 20″ print of your choice with any Gygi purchase

Christmas Tree Ornaments

  • Buy 4 get 1 FREE (of equal or lesser value)

Department 56

  • Buy any current Village piece at regular price and receive 50% off on a retired piece (of equal or lesser value)

The Boutique at Best Wishes

Enjoy our Cross-Hatched Cape Wrap at the promotional price of $30, regularly $50, this day only

The KitchenSide at Best Wishes

  • Join us for Tastes of the Season – dips, soups, desserts and our famous Hot Apple Cider
  • Introducing WOLL… Diamond Lite Pro German non-stick cookware! Our rep will be on hand for a demo from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm


A UNO de 50 Trunk Show will be on display, plus don’t miss your chance to purchase special pieces that Carats will have just for this event and enter to win prizes!

DeVons Jewelers

Stop in for 40% off all in-stock TACORI and 33% off all in-stock Levian

Draper’s & Damon’s

Receive $40 off your purchase of $100 or more (happening now through 11/13/16)

Fat City Brew & BBQ Supply

Receive 15% off any Big Green Egg — this day only!


Enjoy 15% off your purchase (excluding sale items)

Flair Boutique

Enjoy 15% off all purchases, while snacking on Flair’s favorite holiday cookies & cheer!

Merle Norman Cosmetics

15% off all boutique and gift items, purchase any two products and get a gift free, receive a gift bag filled with goodies, and enjoy holiday refreshments

Podesto’s Market, Deli & Bakery

All 2-pound boxes of See’s Candies now $32.99

Planet Beach Automated Spa

Free massage and 10% off any spa package


Indulge in 10% off all nail services

Sassy Pants

Stop in to receive 10% off Christmas tees and pajamas — today only!

Sylvan Learning Center

Purchase the “Get back on the A+ track” double assessment promotion for $55 (a $95 value) and the “Homework Monster Sale” receive 10% off 10 sessions, 20% of 20, and 30% of 30

The B Hive Hair Salon

Stop in for the chance to win 1 of 30 free haircut vouchers throughout the day!


Receive 10% off any regular priced item with the purchase of any sale item!


Enjoy treats and 10% off your purchase (*excluding uniforms)



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The oh-so-amazing Semi-Annual Sidewalk Sale take is back Saturday, October 1, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. Shoppers (especially those on the hunt for deals!) won’t want to miss this event that only takes place twice each year! The much-anticipated Fall Sidewalk Sale features clothing, accessories, shoes, gifts, home décor, sportswear, cosmetics, cards and stationary, games and educational supplies – all at amazing prices. Get fabulous deals on finds for you and the whole family. For the best selection, join us at 9:00 am. With more than 20 participating stores, you’re sure to find something you love! The Brickwalk will also be filled with free face painting for the kids, and chances to win up to $1,000 in Lincoln Center prizes!

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Join us for our Lincoln Center LIVE! events happening through the summer months! 

Friday, June 17, 6-9pm

Enjoy live music from Riley Jane, Joey & the Chucks, Arlyn Anderson and Lover’s Riff! We’ll have more than 25 local wineries & breweries in over 20 of our Merchants stores this year. It’s going to be a fine-wine time!
Buy Tickets for the June Wine Stroll Here!

Friday, July 15, 6-9pm 

This July, we’re honoring our local heroes through our USA LIVE! Join us for an evening filled with red, white and blue. Showcasing out local heroes in Military, Law Enforcement, Fire and more.

Friday, August 19, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm:

Don’t miss our annual Classic Car Show on Friday, August 19. Check out more than 200 classic cars while listening to live music by RBX, New And Used, and more. The “Best of Show” car award will be announced on the Main Stage at 7:30 pm.

 Register your cars at State Farm 718 Lincoln Center starting July 1, 2016!

Thank You to the Lincoln Center LIVE! sponsors:

BVFL-Logo-300x47MATAGA cadillac buick gmc 3.30MB of Stockton logo

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