Our Story, What a Story We Have!

sc0053f808Lincoln Center began more than 60 years ago as the dream of Greenlaw Grupe, Roy Sims and four other men of extraordinary foresight. Their vision for north Stockton included a complete planned community with homes, schools, churches, recreation and commercial areas.

The founders of Lincoln Center acquired 1,800 acres from Stockton business leader Benjamin Holt and formed a corporation called Lincoln Properties, Inc. Stock in the new corporation sold out in only two weeks. More than 700 homes had been constructed by the end of 1951, followed by the opening of Lincoln Center.

The Center opened with 25,000 square feet of space that housed 16 neighborhood stores. Demand was so great that ten additional stores were soon added to the complex at the corner of Pacific Avenue and Benjamin Holt Drive.

Today, Lincoln Center – marked by the ‘Big L’ – is located on both sides of Benjamin Holt Drive and is approximately 35 acres. More than ninety merchants operate retail stores, restaurants and service businesses, many of which are locally owned and family-operated.

These merchants are dedicated to quality and service and are proud to be part of the second oldest shopping center west of the Mississippi. Lincoln Center and its merchants play an active role in giving back to the community, supporting numerous charitable causes and organizations that make a difference in San Joaquin county.

The shopping center is an integral part of Stockton’s history and, with Lincoln Center’s excellent management and commitment to the community, the ‘Big L’ is certain to shine above Stockton for many more years to come.

Our Thoughts on Local Business

At Lincoln Center, we’re big on keeping it “small.” More than 80% of the 94 businesses located in Lincoln Center are locally owned and operated small businesses. Small businesses fill our days with the things we need and help keep our community thriving. We love being home to so many businesses that are owned and operated by people living right here in San Joaquin County. As customers, it’s nice to walk into a shop or restaurant and see the owner. We’ve gotten used to – and enjoy – being helped by the same clerk. Developing relationships with the people running these businesses makes our shopping and dining experiences extra special. And that’s what we’re all about – making your experiences at Lincoln Center the very best they can be.

Another thing we’re big on is giving back to the community that has supported us for more than 60 years. Each year we support more than 100 local charitable organizations through donations and sponsorships. We believe in the power of giving back and contributing to causes making a difference in San Joaquin County. How wonderful it is to know that when you support a Lincoln Center business, you’re enabling that business to support some of the many valuable local charities right here in our community.

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