Spring Fashion

Spring has got to be one of the best times of the year. The rain gives us pretty flowers and the sun begins to shine again (even though we did have a sunny winter this year). I just love Spring Fashion as well! We can finally put away our tall boots and big coats and break out the long dresses, cropped jeans and sandals.

Here at Lincoln Center we pride ourselves in having some of the most knowledgeably staffed fashion stores who provide the BEST personal service. I know when I go shopping it is all about the experience, it can truly make or break my shopping trip. Our stores will try and meet your shopping needs as best as possible and will help you find your perfect new spring outfit.

I know that whenever I stop by the Center I am guaranteed to be able to catch up with friends such as my longtime friend Jenna Halverson in FINA, or chat with the store owners who I have known for years, while also picking out a new outfit. I always enjoy my shopping experience in the Center and I know that you will enjoy it as well. Here at Lincoln Center, personal service NEVER goes out of style!

I have just been loving all of the new spring trends and the products that our fashion stores in Lincoln Center are offering right now! Take a look at some of the new trends they have and then stop by to let them help you pick out your new spring outfits. Maybe you will also run into an old friend during your shopping trip at the same time!


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Flair Boutique

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REVO Casual Apparel

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Happy Spring everyone!! Hope to see you shopping in the Center soon!



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