Tommy Bahama at Lincoln Center

First things that pop into your mind when you hear Tommy Bahama? Hawaiian silk shirts, tailored pants, flip flops, or maybe the beach and a mai tai…


Tommy Bahama is one of the most iconic beach brands that has transformed over the years from being solely patterned men’s shirts to now having a variety of different lines from men’s and women’s clothing to home decor.

Now who is Tommy Bahama? Is he a man who lives on the beach, with a permanent cocktail in hand, living off of the fish he catches with his bare hands? Well at least that is who I picture when I think of who this mystery man might be…. But really, Tommy Bahama is a fictional character created by the founders of the clothing line back in 1993 in order to personify the idyllic lifestyle the brand represents.

The fictional character of Tommy Bahama captures the overall essence of their brand, a line of clothing for men and women that combines beach comfort with chic style. We have three stores in the Center that carry Tommy Bahama clothing and accessories for both men and women. Hint hint…great father’s day gift 🙂

Tommy Bahama’s men’s line can be found in Remedy, the women’s clothing in Theadora and Gary J. Long Jewelers is carrying Tommy Bahama watches.

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