The Busy Girl’s Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

1. Always make time for your workout

Treat your workout like a meeting with a client you can’t miss. Schedule it into your calendar for however long you need and make it part of your everyday routine. Here is a quick workout from Jillian at Ben Mackie Fitness that you can do anywhere and doesn’t require any equipment.

No equipment HOME workout:

15 Squats + 10 pulse squats

(hold last squat and pulse downward)

20 mountain climbers + 10 push-ups

(Stay in push-up position, start push-ups right after mountain climbers)

1 min plank

10 burpees

25 jumping jacks

Repeat all exercises 2-4 times with minimal rest between exercises and sets!

Then complete the following:

10 walkouts (hands on the ground, walk out to a push-up position, walk back, stand up)

30 reverse lunges

20 tricep dips using a table or chair

Repeat set 2-4 times

Finish with a run or sprint around your block/road/stairs etc. for a minimum of 3-5 minutes!



2. Prepare your meals and snacks ahead of time

Every Sunday, plan out your meals for the week to keep them easy and accessible. Prepare and freeze smoothie bags for an easy breakfast option and make individual salads for lunch that can be topped with leftover chicken from dinner. Have healthy and quick snack options in your purse, car or desk. Trader Joes sells snack size bags of raw almonds, which are a great mid-day snack or Be Kind bars that are delicious, gluten free, low in sugar and come in many different varieties.



MarketTavern ToGo MarketTavern ToGo2

3. Have your go-to healthy food spots

For those days you just didn’t have time to prepare your own healthy lunch, have a running list of healthy places in your area. Market Tavern’s market has great options for grab and go lunches, such as the pre-packaged salads pictured above. Podesto’s sandwiches are quick and easy but avoid the carb overload by asking to swap the bread for a lettuce wrap instead. Nspire’s shakes are a great meal replacement. At around 240 calories and 24g of protein, they are delicious with many flavors to choose from.



4. Hydrate, Hydrate and Hydrate some more

Staying hydrated is so important for your body; it gives us energy, aids in weight loss and naturally detoxifies. Dehydration can trick your body into thinking you are hungry when you are really just thirsty. Buy a reusable water bottle that can hold around 16oz and make a goal of filling it up 8 times a day! The Swell water bottles available at Lino Bella. They keep your water cold for 24 hours and are super cute!



5. Don’t skip meals!

For busy working girls, moms or students, it is sometimes easy to get completely wrapped up in your day that you forget to take a second to eat. This is not good. Busy girls need food to fuel them through the day and when you don’t give your body that fuel you go into starvation mode, which makes you tired, irritable and your body stores fat. So just like you need to schedule in your workout, give yourself time each morning to get breakfast and to take a break mid-day for lunch.



Now go out and conquer your busy girl healthy lifestyle!

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