Your Guide to Packing for a Weekend Getaway

With this weekend being Memorial Day, I am sure a lot of you are gearing up for a much-needed weekend getaway. With all the excitement that comes along with taking a quick weekend trip, one of the most stressful parts can be figuring out what to pack. When you have only enough room to bring outfits that will fit in a weekender bag, it is very important to bring only your essential pieces. So I compiled the top essentials that you will need on your weekend getaway. BONUS! They can all be found right here in Lincoln Center.

WeekendGetaway_VeraBradley   WeekendGetaway_LinoBella   WeekendGetaway_LinoBella2

The Perfect Weekend Bag

The top essential is a bag that is the perfect size for a weekend trip. Best Wishes carries the brand Vera Bradley (pictured on the left) with overnight bags that come in all different sizes to fit your exact needs. Not only will they be able to fit all your essentials for the weekend but they are super light, easy to carry and stylish! Also,Lino Bella is carrying these great weekender bags right now as well. They are so chic and the perfect size for a weekend getaway!


WeekendGetaway_Theadora_dress2WeekendGetaway_Theadora_Dress WeekendGetaway_FINA_romper

Great go-to dress (or romper)

This is your one-piece go-to outfit. It’s comfortable and flattering. When you find this dress, it is like gold! With the HOT item this Spring/Summer being the Romper, the same can be said for it too. Check out the adorable romper from FINA and the fun summer dresses at Theadora. Now go find your go-to dress (or romper)!



Summer Hat

A great statement piece, whether it’s a fedora or floppy. A stylish hat can make you look chic in an instant. A versatile hat is great for traveling. When you arrive at your destination after a flight or car ride, having a hat like one of the two pictured above from FINA is perfect to throw on and make you look instantly fabulous.




An adorable clutch is like the perfect sidekick on your weekend getaway. Every woman needs a bag that she can grab that will not only hold her necessities, but also will look great with any outfit she has for the trip. A hot trend this season are clutches that make a statement! Head over to FINA to look at the stylish clutches they have this season.


WeekendGetaway_FINA_jeans3 WeekendGetaway_FINA_jeans2 WeekendGetaway_FINA_jeans

Ripped Jeans

We all know that ripped jeans are the hot commodity to have in your closet and FINA has tons of adorable options right now. Stop in and have them help you find the most flattering pair for your body type.


WeekendGetaway_FINA_Wedges WeekendGetaway_FINA_Sandals

1 pair of sandals and 1 pair of wedges

A pair for when you need to dress up and a pair to be casual, but of course, always keeping you looking stylish. FINA has adorable shoes that would go perfectly with any outfit on your summer trips.


Hope this will help you better prepare for the weekend getaways that you may have in the future. Safe and happy travels everyone!!

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