Gifts for the Host


Something my mom always taught me — never show up to a party empty-handed. Whether it is a Holiday dinner with family, a cocktail party with friends or just a game night, your gift can range from simple to extravagant based on the occasion and your relationship with the host. With the Holiday season just around the corner, here are some host/hostess gifts that you can find right here in the Center!

For the Wine Lover

For most Holiday parties, game nights or get together’s, it is hard to go wrong with a nice bottle of wine. Head into Fine Wines and have them recommend a wine for you based on the event or your host’s taste buds, if you know what they like. When it comes to small parties, the host might want to open and enjoy the wine that night but for larger parties they might save it for another time, Fine Wines can put together a lovely wine basket for an occasion like this. Either way, if you know your host or party goers enjoy wine then you can’t go wrong.



For a Sweet Treat

Bringing something sweet or a savory to a party is always a great idea. During the Holiday season, with back to back parties, make it a little easier by baking a large batch of holiday treats and individually wrapping them for each party. With the individual gift packs already done, you will be ready to grab and go without a worry! Not a fan of baking? That’s ok, make it even easier with the premade treats pictured above such as See’s Candy from Podestos, prepackaged treats and spreads as well as baking mixes from Best Wishes or a bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.

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To add some Holiday Décor

For close family and friends, it is nice to bring a more personal gift, such as some Holiday home décor. Many of the stores here in the Center have nice host/hostess gifts when you want to bring something more personal. Flowers, candleholders and body lotions/soaps from Silveria’s Flowers & Gifts, picture frames and little trinkets from Aaron Brothers, festive soaps and dishes from Lino Bella, and wreaths from Best Wishes, which all make for a great Holiday thank you gift.

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Bring on the Aromas

A candle is a nice gift for any occasion. Not only do candles create a nice aroma but they also are a decorative piece for the house. McCaulou’s Department Store, Best Wishes and Lino Bella have beautiful candles that smell divine! Depending on your price range, you can buy candles of all sizes.

Holiday parties, events and dinners take lots of time and preparation for the host/hostess and bringing a small gift is the perfect way to show your gratitude. Tis the season for giving, showing thanks and spreading love, so show your love and thanks with a sweet gift from Lincoln Center. Let the Holiday season begin!


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