Erin Elizabeth, the Face Behind the Paint

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Erin Elizabeth: world traveler, artist, yogi, and local Stocktonian. Erin found her passion for art at a young age through her mother, who is an art teacher at St. Mary’s high school. After finishing her degree in journalism at Arizona State University, she decided to seriously pursue her passion in art. While living in Louisville, KY for 2 years, she studied under renowned local artist, Lou Ann Iler, and studied for a semester at University of Louisville.

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Erin’s has painted mostly abstract paintings, letting her creativity and the paint take over with bold, expressive colors and textures. Being a true Californian by art, she creates a unique bond and creative expression with her abstracts by using salt water from the Pacific Ocean to blend and drip the paint, showing her love for the beach and ocean. Erin is drawn to painting by the ability to express herself in ways that words cannot and over the years has learned to give the paint and art it’s freedom to become what it wants. Even with the amazing vision she might have, she lets herself be surprised by what the painting is able to evolve into on its own and to trust in the magic of art.

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Erin has become involved with the University Park World Peace Garden through her close friends the Grupe family. One day, while visiting the garden, she asked if she could take photos of a few of the roses and paint them. What started as a simple challenge to paint something new, turned into the an art show to help raise funds for the project. Now, she has taken on the task to paint 30 roses that will be sold and portion of proceeds of each rose painting will be donated to benefit the garden and support the message of peace through non violence.

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Each of Erin’s paintings is unique and bold in its own way. She emphasizes that, “the art itself is the message” and that each owner will look at a painting and receive the message destined for them and then be able to hang that painting and message in their home.

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Erin is displaying her artwork, including the roses for the Peace Garden, in her pop up gallery and studio in Lincoln Center next to Market Tavern, through the Holiday season. You can check out her artwork as well on her website that was just launched, Erin will be hosting an event, “EE Uncorked”, in her studio on December 10th from 5:00pm to 8:00pm featuring her paintings and local boutique wine importer Nipote Wine Imports.

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Erin considers herself to have always been a free spirit, living all around the world teaching English and yoga for 6 years. She has now found her way back home and loves being able to contribute to her own community. One day, she hopes to take her abstracts to the big markets, but says that is a true blessing to begin her journey here in her hometown.