Super Bowl 50 in the Center


The Super Bowl is this weekend! One of the biggest days of the year for drinking beer, devouring hamburgers and bean dip and being with a great crowd of people. Everyone has their different preferences or traditions for what they like to do on the Sunday of the Super Bowl. Heading over to a friends house, going to your favorite sports bar or getting some good food and enjoying the game. Still looking for some ideas on what to do the day of the big game or need some inspiration on what to bring to the annual party? Well, I am here to inspire you!

Want to head to the bar?

For those who love to be in the crowds and enjoy the camaraderie of all the fans then here is where you can go in the Center. No matter the experience you are looking for on game day we have my different places you can hit up on game day.



Squeeze Burger-

With plenty of TVs lining the walls, you can order a burger and grab a brew to watch the game in a fun atmosphere. They have one of the largest selection of beers in the area with 22 beers on tap there is an abundance of options for the beer lovers!


David’s Pizza-

Pizza and beer (or wine if you prefer)! Does this sound like quite a perfect way to enjoy the Super Bowl this year? Take a seat at their bar or reserve a table if you are coming with a large group and hang out there all afternoon to watch the game on one of their 9 TVs.


Market Tavern’s Bar-

TVs surround the bar area of Market Tavern and you can call ahead to reserve a table or just head to the bar, which will most likely be standing room only. With drinks ranging from craft brews to Moscow mules, there is a drink for everyone at MT’s bar.



Need a dish to bring to the party?

 If you are heading to a Super Bowl party this year or maybe you are throwing the party, here are some ideas on what to whip together this year.


BBQ- Nothing screams football like a plate of wings, ribs, hamburgers or any type of BBQ food. Pick up your choice of meat from Podesto’s and then head over to Fat City BBQ and Grill to find the perfect rub or seasoning to make it taste finger licking good! I can pretty much guarantee that your BBQ dish will be a party favorite with the help of Fat City.


Chips and Dip- You can’t go wrong with some chips and dip on Super Bowl Sunday. Keep it super easy and buy some tortilla chips and premade bean dip. Take it up a notch and make your own Cowboy Caviar with this delicious recipe that you can find here. Spinach dip is always a yummy dip to serve and cut up some fresh bread from Podestos as the dipping tool.


Not interested in the crowds? Order in!

Some people just don’t like having to deal with the crowds and would rather watch the game in the comfort of their own home. This is totally fine, especially if you have great food! With lots of our restaurants offering take out, you can call in your order and pick it up to take home with you. Market Tavern’s market has homemade pizzas that only need to be popped in the oven as well as salads, pasta and soups. Call into Papapavlos and order all the Mediteranean food including hummus with pita, lamb burger, chicken and pesto pita sandwich and much more. Payter’s burgers, sandwiches or chicken tenders are a great food to eat while watching the game and can be ordered for take out as well. Call into any of our restaurants and ask about their take out availabilites.

One last question…. Panthers or Broncos?!