Fitness Check-In

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So we are 2 months into 2016, for those of you that made it your resolution this year to get healthy and in shape, how is it looking? Have you stuck to it? Or have you fallen off your path and need a little motivation? We have the motivation that you need to get you going again and back in that healthy lifestyle! Sometimes getting healthy and in shape is not easily done on our own and we have the perfect place to help get you started — at Ben Mackie Fitness.


Ben Mackie Fitness is a personal training studio that offers a range of workout classes and group or one-on-one training in their uplifting and intimidation-free gym. Their professional and highly qualified trainers will create workouts that are designed for your unique goals to get you in shape and most importantly healthy. Whether you have never stepped foot in a gym or are looking for a new gym with experienced trainers to keep you motivated and healthy, Ben Mackie Fitness is welcome to all! Here are some of the amazing services that they offer:




Personal Training

The expert trainers are not only there to provide you with unique workouts tailored to your specific goals but they will also help you set up a nutritional plan to keep you on track while not in the gym. The trainers are there to provide you with all-around support and expert advice to keep you from getting hurt and get you in your best shape. Combine personal training with nutritional plans and workout classes and you will get in shape in no time. Dedication is the key.



Pilates strengthens and tones muscles, improves posture, provides flexibility and balance, unites body and mind, and creates a more streamlined shape.

As part of the personal training at Ben Mackie Fitness, the trainers will incorporate pilates into your workout or create an entire pilates workout on their pilates machines.



Consistent yoga practice creates flexibility, hones balance and generates a sense of peace and well-being. Ben Mackie Fitness offers vinyasa or hatha yoga with certified instructor, Jan Gilliland. Yoga has incredible health, physical, and psychological benefits for people of all fitness levels. Stress relief, pain relief, weight management, balance, a positive self-image, flexibility, agility, relaxation and confidence are just some of the life improvements you will enjoy as a participant in their yoga program!

Schedule for Yoga

Tuesday/Thursday 6:30 PM

all levels vinyasa flow

Friday 4:30 PM

power, basic, vinyasa, or Pilates-yoga flow by advance reservation

Saturday 10:00 AM

power, basic, vinyasa, or Pilates-yoga flow by advance reservation

Pricing for Yoga

$15 drop in price per class

$60 five class package, good for 30 days

$110 ten-class package, good for 90 days

$85 thirty days, unlimited classes


Barre Class NEW!

Inspired by the rigorous dance of ballet. This class uses a bar to incorporate ballet-style workouts, pilates and yoga creating a rigorous workout that will sculpt and strengthen your whole body!

Schedule: Please call first to reserve your spot.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 12:30-1:30


Massage Therapy

Ben Mackie Fitness has their very own massage therapist on site, Emilio Junez. His specialties are sports massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone therapy, creme wraps and chair massage.

Ben Mackie Fitness is a great place to get a jump back into your fitness routine and create habits that will stick with you for life. There is a no intimidation factor that is unique at their gym, they welcome all people, despite their fitness background, to help them discover what their body is capable of accomplishing!

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