Summer Sun!

Kick off to Summer 2016!

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The warm weather has arrived and it’s going to be a HOT summer! The end of the school year is just about here and we want you to be more than prepared for the heat this summer. From summer activities, to swim suits, to flip flops and sunglasses! Lincoln Center is here to help you find all the essentials you need to make this a great summer!

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Head to the Pool… In Style!

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Swimsuits: Start the summer off with some new swim fashion! Prepare to impress at the pool in the swim attire from Zuesters for both men, women and children. Check out the styles above. POPULAR MEN’S TREND ALERT! Hybrid shorts are all the rage right now for men of any age they are a versatile short that can be worn around town or in the pool. Quester’s just got in a bunch of new brands, colors and styles of the Hybrid short.

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Flip Flops: When it comes to the summer season it is important to have plenty of flip flops whether you are heading to the pool or walking down to the beach. Zuester’s carries many different styles of flip flops and sandals for men, women and children.




Sunglasses: Stay shaded this summer with a pair of sunglasses. Here in Lincoln Center, we have plenty of options for you to find your perfect pair of shades. Meyer’s Optical, Great Spectacles and FINA carry high fashion brands like Ray Ban, Chanel, Oliver People, Armani and more! FINA also carries a fun line called Quay Australia (pictured above) if you are looking for a trendy pair of sunnies that are still cost effective. Zuester’s is carrying a new line of men’s shades called, Otis (pictured above).


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Get Active!


SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard): Fun and exercise? Yes, it is possible to have those two words in a sentence together. Stand up paddle boards or as the professionals say, SUPs are a great way to have fun on the river, lake or ocean this summer. Play It Again Sports is selling SUPs right now so go in, check them out and ask their knowledgeable staff any questions. Take your SUP out on a warm day on the Delta or Mokelumne River for a fun paddle workout.

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Beach Cruiser: Cruise around this summer on a stylish or manly, depending on your taste, cruiser bike. I must say, my family and I have such a great time on our cruisers on a nice summer day. Take your cruiser out and ride with the family and friends to the park, for brunch at your local spot or even take them on your vacation to the beach and cruise alongside the ocean. Performance Bicycle here in the Center has several cruisers available in store but also will order anything you see on their website.


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Be Sun Smart

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Sunscreen: It is important to protect your skin during the sunny days of summer. Merle Norman sells their 50 SPF face sunscreen that is great for everyday wear this summer, it contains special proprietary ingredients to provide an ultra silky feel and glides nicely onto skin without feeling sticky or greasy. The supremely lightweight formula absorbs quickly, leaves skin soft and smooth without a white residue, and has a fresh, clean scent. Artesian Natural Foods also carries a variety of natural sunscreen brands for your face and whole body such as Kiss My Face and Raw Elements. Stop into their store and talk with their staff of health experts to see which brand would suit your lifestyle.


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Beach hats: Keep your face extra safe from the sun’s rays with a hat that fits your unique style. Zuesters has a hat for just about everyone this summer. If you are looking for a floppy beach hat, women’s trucker hat or men’s caps they have it all. You can find a hat that fits your needs and you might as well pick out a summer outfit to complete your new summer look!