Know your Neighbor: Carats Jewelry


Tell us about your background. 

How did you first get started in the retail industry?

I was in the human resources industry when a downsizing gave me an opportunity to try a different career. As a jewelry lover, I decided to open a fashion jewelry store in Stockton. Being in Lincoln Center has been the perfect fit for Carats.

Use three words to describe your store.

Fun, fun, fun.

Where did you grow up? How did you get to Stockton?

I grew up in San Francisco and moved to San Jose for college. I met and married Curtis, who was a pharmacist at the time. After 13 years in San Jose, we moved to Stockton which offered more affordable housing. Curtis was born and raised in Stockton so moving here was the right decision. Our son, Jason, who is now grown went away to college but returned and settled in Stockton, too.

What is your most cherished memory about your job?

The amazing popularity with Italian charms in the early 2000’s. Carats had quite a reputation and long lines during those crazy days. It gave us the opportunity to travel to Italy to work with charm manufacturers to start our own line of charms, build a website, and wholesale charms that we sent all over the world. During this time, Curtis retired from pharmacy and we’ve had the joy of working together for many years.

Do you have a best-selling product in the store right now?

PANDORA jewelry from Denmark has been our most popular selling line for a decade now. A PANDORA bracelet is a gift that people can contribute additional charms to over time. Our customers enjoy personalizing their bracelets to remind them of fond memories. With over 600 charms, there’s something for everyone!

Tell us about Chloe!

We have always had a shop dog. Chloe, like our jewelry, brings smiles to our customers. She loves her job as greeter. Come in for a visit and she’ll give you lots of kisses.

What is one thing you are most proud of?  

We are proud of opening a franchised PANDORA jewelry store in the Westfield Mall in downtown San Francisco. I have fond memories from my childhood visiting Emporium during Easter and Christmas to take part in holiday festivities. Never would I have dreamed that years later, I would own a store in that very same mall.

What’s a quote or mantra you live by?

Life is short. Take the trip.

Buy the shoes. Eat the cake.

What is your dream vacation?  

I would love to volunteer for a few days at a panda reserve in China. Cuddling with a baby panda would be my idea of a dream vacation. Curtis would love to drive a German sports car on the autobahn.

Do you have a favorite brand that you currently carry? Why?

We are thrilled about carrying Uno de 50 jewelry line from Madrid. Uno de 50 jewelry is sophisticated, edgy and empowering when accessorizing. Uno de 50 jewelry pieces really make a statement and has a distinctive look. When new collections arrive, we can’t wait for our customers to try them on and fall in love with the look.

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  1. June

    I love Carats! Love the personalized treatment of Pat, Curtis and Lyna and of course kisses from Chloe! Pat is right….fun Fun FUN jewelry!

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