Elf on the Shelf @ Lincoln Center

Drumroll, please! Introducing Lincoln, the Lincoln Center Elf on the Shelf. Lincoln will be visiting daily from the North Pole to a handful of merchants here in the Center and we heard he’s giving out some Lincoln Center gift cards! Lincoln definitely has some twists and turns up his sleeve, so he’s not giving those gift cards up for free — Keep reading to find out what you have to do and where you can find Lincoln this month!


Lincoln, the Lincoln Center Elf, will be at different locations every week starting December 1st. He is one sneaky elf — you’ll have to keep your eyes wide to find him. Once you find him:


  1. Take a selfie with Lincoln
  2. Upload the photo to Instagram
  3. Tag your location
  4. Hashtag #lincolncentershops & #holidaysatLC
  5. Follow @LincolnCenterShops & @(Store) on Instagram


Now! Where can you find Lincoln?

December 1-5: Lincoln is putting on his new running shoes (and clothes!) and hitting the pavement. Can you guess where he’s headed too?

December 6-9: Rub-a-dub-dub — and we’re not talking about taking a bath. He’s diving into spices galore, brewing his own beer and busting out the Green Egg for the season. Where might he be?

December 10-13: Deck the halls with Lincoln Center’s newest retailer! Lincoln is off to this new shop that’s joining us for the second time around. Any second guesses?

December 14-19: One step, two step, three step, four! Lincoln is headed into the biggest shop there is. And he’s becoming more and more sneaky since there are shoes, kid’s toys, men’s clothing and more! Take a big guess!

December 20-24: Lincoln’s is headed to sip on some famous cider at your store for all occasions. Think baking fresh cookies, picking up any last minute decorations and making sure you have all the tools to cook your best this December! Make your best guess.

What’s in it for you? 

We’re glad you asked! A winner will be selected every Wednesday in December. The winner will be selected at random by using the hashtags #lincolncentershops and #holidaysatLC and will receive a $25 gift card to Lincoln Center. Happy elf hunting!

Make sure your Instagram is public so we can see your pictures! 

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