Advertising Opportunities at Lincoln Center

The Big L

Your Ad is viewed by…
Nearly 50,000 cars per DAY
Approximately 17 million cars per YEAR

Location: Pacific Ave. at Benjamin Holt Dr.
Market: Stockton, CA
Facing: North, South + West
Latitude + Longitude: 38.011812”N -121.322562”W
With our digital billboard you can:
thousands of people each day
multiple ads and change them when you want
 interest in your business
60 times per HOUR =
1,140 times per DAY =
7,980 times per WEEK =
31,920 times per MONTH
To inquire about advertising or for more information:
[email protected]

  • Ads run DAILY from 5am – 12am
  • Ads are ROTATED to project from the North, South and West directions
  • You are free to supply your own graphics or we can DESIGN the ad in-house (inquire within for in-house graphic design agreement.)
  • Your Ads run every MINUTE for 6 SECONDS.
For pricing information call 209.477.4868
[email protected]

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