Complimentary Horse & Carriage Rides @ Lincoln Center

Valentine’s Day: Love is in the air! 

We know what you’re thinking, another cliché Valentine’s Day promotion, but read along before you make it through that full eye-roll! Yes, yes, love is in the air. We’re not only talking about love for your “significant other.” It could be the love for your kids, parents, grandparents, pets and so many others!

This Valentine’s Day, take advantage of free (you heard that right!) horse & carriage rides through the Center. Simply make a reservation at one of Lincoln Center’s many fine dining establishments. Make your loved one’s evening that much more special by treating them to this complimentary ride before or after dinner! It’s the perfect way to say “I love you!”

Call 209.477.4868 to book your spot on the Horse & Carriage Ride today! Pick up & drop off will be on the Brickwalk, near Merle Norman. Inquire for spot availability and information.


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