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Salon visits and hair care products are a must for just about every single person on this Earth. This makes the hair care industry one of the most enormous in the world. At POMP Hair Co., Dino Ballin and Vicki Kirk have sought to bring Stockton to the forefront of this multi-billion-dollar industry. POMP Hair Co. has managed to become a nationally recognized and respected brand through hard work, consistent effort, and experience.

Dino has been an entrepreneur for 25 years. Of his 18 businesses that he has built from the ground up, 12 have been salons, with POMP Hair Co. being lucky number 12. In order to make a successful and long-lasting business, it is not something that people are able to do with the snap of a finger or wishing on a dandelion. Dino knew that in order to make all of his great visions into a reality, it would take time, and most of all, it would take an extreme amount of hard work and dedication. Not knowing exactly where or how to take his first step, his stepfather Ernie taught him the basic laws of business. Two of the most critical things Ernie mentioned that has never left Dino’s mind to this day is that, “a business is either growing or dying, nothing stays the same”, and “seek your own counsel”.

Dino started out with his first barbershop in Modesto in 1994 offering haircuts for $4.99. He was told by many that, “this is a bad idea” and that “this will never work.” He was not exactly sure if they were right, but he did know that he would work harder and endure more pain than anyone else in the industry ever had. When Clipper Town was created, it marked Dino’s 5th salon in his first three years of trying the field. Clipper Town’s success was able to rid Dino’s previous fears and uncertainties as he learned the true meaning of, “seek your own counsel”, which is that you are the solution to every single thing in your life.

During that time period Dino had an eye opening revelation about the hair business. He now had an astounding partner, Vicki Kirk, someone who is also driven to work hard and achieve goals. Together, they began to sniff out and explore the possibilities of high end hair salons. What if it could be done better? What if a salon could deliver a New York or LA experience right here in the 209? For years he had heard from stylists and clients alike that they had to leave town for the best experience. He was exhausted of losing stylists to wealthier areas as they searched for a more lucrative career and greater exposure. Due to this, Dino and Vicki decided to build a salon that would compete directly with the best salons in the country. Their ultimate goals: bring respect to the hair industry by providing higher salaries, care for their staff by offering maternity leave, catered lunches, education, etc., and give clients an amazing experience in a world class environment. They craved to build a salon worthy of nothing but the best hairstylists and clients.

POMP Hair Co. was a company that Dino had been envisioning for years as the “Apple store” of hair salons, and a work environment that would be the “Google” of hair. When opening POMP Hair Co., they strove for nothing but excellence and uniqueness. When visiting POMP Hair Co., from Teresa at the front desk, to the rest of the professionals who all have had access to hundreds of hours of training from world-renowned hair artists, POMP Hair Co. is unalike. The staff has received balayage training from Melania Trump’s stylist, Alen M., vivids training from celebrity stylists, Hair God Zito and Bescene, haircut training covered by POMP Hair Co. for a week long class at Vidal Sassoon Academy, a blonding class from Nicki Minaj’s colorist, Zach Mesquit aka Platinum Perfection, and highlight education from the Kardashians’ colorist, Tracy Cunningham. How many salons in the entire country have this track record for continuous education?

Astonishingly, POMP Hair Co. does not stop there. When it comes to hair shows, they bring all of those stylists in at the same time and have a high profile event, right here at POMP Hair Co. For these events, people have flown in from Canada, the East Coast, LA, and many other places across the United States. Have you ever heard of anyone flying in from across the country for any event in Stockton?

With the enormous aid of social media, POMP Hair Co.’s various accounts have in excess of 160k followers; the word has spread. POMP Hair Co. has clients driving from the bay area to Stockton just for hair services. Stylists themselves have left the Bay Area and Sacramento to come work in Stockton because of what POMP Hair Co. has to offer. Dino’s wife, cosmetologist Vicki Kirk, runs the daily activity at the salon and does an amazing job at ensuring each client has an experience that could not compare to another.

Owners Dino and Vicki are very blessed to work with true hair professionals; stylists who do it right every day. Not only are there three former salon owners working at POMP Hair Co., but also, the majority of stylists have over twenty years of experience. They are beyond thankful for their workers, and it is because of each and every one of them who are dedicated to delivering outstanding service that they strive to create the best work environment possible. They will never stop making POMP Hair Co. the best that it can be.

Lincoln Shopping Center  //  349 Lincoln Center, Stockton, CA 95207

(209) 954-9255  //  @pompsalon  #pompsalon

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