Featured Merchant: Cornerstone Real Estate

STAFF (LEFT TO RIGHT): Jerry Patterson (standing) • Steve Jackson (Sitting) • Sheri Valdez •  Randy Thomas • Melody Wright-Murphy • Thomas Guiliano • Noah Wentland • Amanda Sharpe • Nicole Garcia • Jacob Davenport • Gus Banuelos.

Strength & Stability

This month’s featured merchant is Cornerstone Real Estate Group. Having recently opened their brand-new office in the Center, we thought it was the perfect time to introduce them to our LC community!

“Cornerstone is all about being helpful,” says owner Randy Thomas, “we’ve even gone so far as to pet sit for a client while she house-hunted out of town!” Cornerstone is a full-service real estate group, providing a first-rate concierge service to all of their clients. This service includes everything from recommending contractors, to working with clients’ schedules to provide services at all hours of the day. They also provide free access to drone footage of the listed property so that the client can better market their home to potential buyers. “This is the largest transaction people will ever make in their life,” says Thomas, “so we want to really be there for them.”

Not only does Cornerstone provide unsurpassable customer care, they also have success to back up their guarantees. Last year, five of their eight agents made master’s club, meaning they are among the top one percent of San Joaquin County realtors. They have also been cited as the fastest growing independent real estate company in the San Joaquin County area.

Within his team of realtors, Thomas strives to provide the best possible training and continuing education for his agents. He describes his team as “students of real estate economics,” as they endeavor to stay ahead of real estate trends and changes. He deems Cornerstone “a place for serious realtors” who desire to learn and grow long-term in the industry. He also boasts an extremely diverse team, which reflects the diversity of San Joaquin County.

Cornerstone also incorporates community service into their business with their partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Inspired by the work of the shoe brand, TOMS, Thomas instituted the “sell one, build one” program. If a client decides to sell their home within this program, the agent will take ten percent of their own commission and donate it to Habitat for Humanity in the client’s name.

611 Lincoln Center • Stockton • 209.955.2022

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