Taste of the Delta

The Port of Stockton is respectively one of the most significant inland ports nationwide. At high tide, the channel reaches a depth of 40 feet with no width restrictions, which means a fully loaded, 900-foot cargo ship can potentially carry in 55,000 tons.

Did you know the Delta is a place many people spend their summers navigating the open water hoping to drift upon a hidden restaurant only locals claim to know of? Did you know it’s a place where fishermen set out before sunrise, trolling the foggy banks, hoping to catch the largest striped bass known to man? Did you know it’s also a place where water-skiers are not only alert to nearby boaters, but also to the 50,000-ton container ships barreling past on the main channel? The Delta is more than just a body of water, it’s a place where memories are made, paintings mimic and international trade commences. It’s an intertwining web of waterways…. an intertwining web of possibilities.

Alongside memory making and fun, the Delta is an industry of its own creating revenue streams upward of 3 billion dollars between the collective efforts of the agriculture and tourism. Last year alone, our waterways were accountable for bringing in over 90% of the fertilizer used by the agricultural industry in the Central Valley.

The Delta’s productive and robust opportunity was discovered in the 1800’s, when thousands migrated from near and far to Stockton in hopes of striking it rich from the Gold Rush. Many found success in gold, but there were a few who found riches another way, in farming.

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Little did these agricultural entrepreneurs realize that their brilliant efforts would lead to creating one of the most productive agricultural regions in the world. These farmers saw the rich, fertile soil and began farming, in hopes of selling fruit, like the Bartlett pear, to the hard working gold miners. Over time, as the gold began to vanish and the fruit continued to grow, the Delta would become home to what is still today one of the most vibrant agriculture economies world-wide.

Cargo ships traversing the deep-water channels and agricultural fields that start just off the shores are important components to the Delta, but tourism and leisure also hold a stake.  The Delta is frequently visited by boaters, fishermen, bird watchers and the like. It is regarded as one of the five best bass fishing destinations in America.

Scott Merin and his son Myles Merin enjoying sunset fishing on the back of their boat. The Delta is home to a diverse population of wildlife and birds, but it is known for the Largemouth Bass species of fish.

It is the perfect day trip for families to launch their boat at one of the many marinas or dine at one of the many waterfront restaurants available. Not a boat owner? No problem! The Delta has what you need in order to enjoy a full day or weekend on the water. Whether you’re interested in a new or used boat, or want to rent, places like Freedom Boat Club might be what you need. Different types of boats, jet skis and paddle boards are just a few fun outdoor water activities that are available.

The Delta is accountable for collecting over half of the State’s snowmelt, with over 1,100 miles of waterways and over 700,000 acres in the Delta region to collect the run off. The Delta is a vital resource because it pumps out fresh water to be used for 22 million Californians and to millions of acres of Californian agricultural and industrial uses.

If you’re looking for a nature-filled weekend getaway, pack your tent or load up the RV and head to the Yogi Bear Jellystone Park. Experience the Delta waters from the view of a 46’ Maxum Yacht on the Island Oasis Delta Cruises or enjoy the peaceful, scenic perspective of the Delta without breaking the bank by booking a tour with the Port of Stockton for free. Whether you’re a thrill-seeking jet-skier, a food lover looking for a waterfront venue, or any other type of outdoor enthusiast, add the Delta to the top of your bucket list this summer!

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