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Celebrating it’s twentieth anniversary on October 15, C.R. Porter Home Collection has captivated Stockton with their innovative, creative, beautiful home furnishings, décor, and accessories. And now, under new owners Mat and Tyler Ferdun-Wood, its stylish legacy continues.

Mat’s 4 Step Design Check list for your home:
For explanations of each step, visit our Instagram page — @lincolncentershops — every week in September. Mat will be giving a thorough breakdown of how to execute on textures, color, floral & plants, and artwork. Tune in for the chance to win a designer pillow from C.R. Porter and an one hour, in-store consultation with Mat!

The couple comes in with an extravagant eye for design, innovative new ideas, and decades of experience. In fact, before purchasing the store in March, Mat worked at C.R. Porter for almost eleven years, learning the ins and outs of the business, and discovering his passion for the industry. As for Tyler— “He married into it,” Mat joked. Though Tyler has also found a love for it all his own.


Together, Mat and Tyler are excited to expand C.R. Porter in new directions, while maintaining the quality and premier selections that people know and love. “C.R. Porter has been around for 20 years and has been so great for Stockton. We really just want to continue to build upon that,” said Mat. And with continual additions such as new designs and the launch of a wedding registry, they definitely are!

And C.R. Porter is proof that nothing compares to shopping locally. From the items they sell to the overall experience they provide, Mat and Tyler’s philosophy is centered around creativity, customization, and originality.

All of the collections in C.R. Porter are handpicked and carefully curated to provide shoppers with unique options. With beautiful items ranging from Jan Barboglio’s hand-forged metal and mouth-blown glass pieces, to hand-carved tables and custom-made furniture—there is something for any style.

[Your pieces] should tell a story when you walk into your home, because you chose them,” said Tyler. “It’s not something that you simply saw online. It’s something you created yourself.”

When it comes to staple pieces to invest in for the home, Mat’s suggestion is quality furniture that is unique, customizable, and most importantly—livable. C.R. Porter’s custom sofas, for example, are an ideal investment for anyone. With hundreds of high-grade upholstery options, and the ability to customize size and shape, you can create a piece of furniture that will match your décor, fit your space, and withstand the test of time.

On the Cover: On this month’s cover Mat & Tyler Ferdun-Wood are dressed to the nines! Mat is in a Vince shirt ($185) and AG pants ($200) from FINA, his shoes are Johnston & Murphy ($200) from Dennis Shea Shoes. Tyler’s is wearing McCaulou’s Department Store Polo shirt ($50), AG pants ($200) from FINA, Johnston & Murphy shoes ($200) from Dennis Shea Shoes, and a Rolex from DeVons Jewelers (See store for pricing).

Soon, C.R. Porter will have your outside space covered, too! A luxury outdoor furniture line by Plank and Hide is scheduled to make its debut, and will not only be gorgeous, but designed to stand up to even the Central Valley sun. 

The appeal of shopping at C.R. Porter, however, doesn’t simply lie in its beautiful products, but in the experience afforded by a team that is genuinely eager to help. Whether it’s aiding in a design process, picking out a gift, redecorating a room, or simply giving the backstory on an item, the C.R. Porter team truly loves to help in any way they can. They are happy to serve as your personal style gurus, and even make home visits upon request.

Whether you’re looking to redecorate, refurnish, or simply revamp your space, be sure to stop into C.R. Porter for beautiful, unique finds and a design team ready to help.


Just hit the floor! Register for your wedding at C.R. Porter! Visit the store for a consultation with Mat, and to select the items you wish to receive. Your guests will be able to visit crporter.com, select your name from the home menu option and browse your gift selections. Gifts can be purchased in-store or online, gift wrapped or picked-up for a seamless experience!

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