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How long have you owned Code 3 Wear?

Code 3 Wear started in 2012.

What prompted you to open Code 3 Wear?

After being in law enforcement we wanted to offer a new way of providing services to public safety professionals.

Tell us a little more about the history of your store.

It was created inside of Code 3 Cleaners (another business that we owned). We started with a 4-way display of uniforms, that quickly grew. In 2013 we sold our cleaners and began the move to Lincoln Center to open a small uniform store with a uniform cleaning service. We quickly found that our store was continuing to grow, which put us through a few different locations within Lincoln Center. From 800 sq. feet to 1400 sq. feet to 2200 sq. feet to our newest expansion of about 4700 sq. feet.

What services do you offer?

We offer all major brands of uniforms. We have a full alteration and embroidery department and we still provide a cleaning service for uniforms both in-house and on a delivery service to most of the local law enforcement agencies.

What agencies to you provide for?

Stockton Police, San Joaquin County Sheriff, Stockton Unified School District Police, Delta College Police, Lincoln Unified Public Safety, Lodi Police, Manteca Police, Galt Police, Tracy Police, Brentwood Police, Amador County Sheriff, Calaveras County Sheriff, California Highway Patrol and California Department of Corrections.

What’s your best-selling line?

Our best-selling line is 5.11 Tactical, a purpose-built tactical gear, apparel and accessories line.

What is your favorite sport?

Dan: My favorite sport is motocross

Marvis: My favorite sport is F1 Racing

What do you like to do on your days off?

We like to spend time at home with our french bulldog Jam.

What is one thing (or many things) you are most proud of?

The rapid growth of our store and the outstanding staff that we have.

What is your favorite thing about owning Code 3 Wear?

Our relationship with customers and staff.

What is your dream vacation?

Any tropical beach location.

How long have you been married?

We have been married for 17 years.

Are you involved in the community in any way?

All our community activity revolves around the store with department fundraisers (as we spend most of our time here).

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