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Change is inevitable around these parts — not only in the seasons, but in our store fronts, gardening and common areas. If we’re not changing, we’re not growing, and we’re always trying to grow into the best version of ourselves, to be able to provide our community with the best stores and restaurants.

Owner, Kym Thompson

With that, we also push our merchants to strive for change, and in this case, Kym Thompson, owner of Elevate Skincare and Spa, formerly known as Kym with a Y was given the opportunity to move into a new location, next to C.R. Porter Home Collections. Kym has always been adaptable to change and constantly looking for growth. From cooking classes, to horse riding lessons, leadership training in the desert of Nevada, drinking Ayahausca with the shamans in Costa Rica, to learning Spanish and interior design — Kym is in constant evolution, and this new beautiful business is just a part of it.

This gave Kym an opportunity for change and there — Elevate Skincare and Spa was born. Priding themselves on a results-driven clinical skincare as their focus, Elevate will also offer pampering facials and massages, including the new-to-Stockton DeepFeet Ashiatsu Bar Therapy massage style, in addition to continuing their microblading services.

The spa will also bring in new product and experiences — such as a medical tattoo artist, Shawny Ellsworth of @exquisiteaestheitics specializing in permanent makeup such as areola cover work and under eye camouflage techniques. Another addition to Elevate Skincare and Spa is celebrity doctor, Selene Dunham, MD, from El Dorado Hills who will be available for botox injections, fillers, laser treatment and more. Dr. David Gran will continue providing his Botox and injectables services at the new location.

Skincare is Elevate’s number one focus, and accompanying that is the classic skincare line Eminence Organic Skincare that offers a high grade of vitamin C for those over 40, but Elevate will also be bringing in SkinCeutials, better known for their CE Ferulic, a vitamin C serum that delivers advanced environmental protection and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As a stronger product with lipids and retinols, that Kym stresses “Women over 40 will want to start looking into to look their best”.

Change is good, and for Elevate, we’re sure this new location will be great. Call for an appointment today!

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