DOMO and Signature Nails & Spa

Tony Phan  |  Owner

Tony Phan has been a business owner here in Lincoln Center for over seven years and recently just bought his second business, DOMO Japanese Sushi Grill & Bar. Tony is thrilled to be a business owner in the Center, and constantly raves about the Stockton community that he loves to serve. Learn more about Tony and his journey below!

How did you end up in California?

I moved here from Vietnam when I was younger. I started college at Delta to take some business classes, then moved to Arkansas where I lived for five years and owned a nail salon and restaurant. When I came back to Stockton, I wanted to stick with what I knew and I love being a business owner. After owning a nail salon in Modesto for nine years, I saw a space open up in Lincoln Center and knew that it was the perfect place for me. I’ve lived in Stockton a long time and had heard so much about Lincoln Center. It didn’t matter what season it was; the Center was always bustling and I knew I needed to get in on the action.

How long have you owned Signature Nails?

I’ve owned and operated Signature Nails for seven years here in Lincoln Center. Prior to opening this salon, I owned a nail salon in Modesto. I really saw an opportunity here in Lincoln Center — I live in town and think this is the best place to open a business.

What provoked your interest in DOMO?

When I lived in Arkansas over 20 years ago, I owned and operated a Chinese Restaurant called Vincent’s. When I was approached to purchase DOMO, I honestly didn’t give it much thought — it just felt right. I have a great relationship with the previous owners, and we’ve had great collaboration on making the switch. Not only is DOMO located in a great spot in the Center, but it has a name and following, so I’m excited to see it grow.

What’s your favorite thing on DOMO’s menu?

Asparagus beef wrap.

Anything new we can see implemented at DOMO for 2020?

I’m working hard to link all my businesses together. We will be launching a membership card where you can gather points at both Signature Nails and DOMO and then exchange the points for nails or food. We’re also working on a quicker turnaround time for lunch — we understand that people have small windows to eat and we want to accommodate that. At the restaurant, we’ll also be targeting three different areas for improvement: service, cleanliness and quality of our food.

Being a business owner for over 25 years, do you have advice for those who are just starting out?

You have to know what you’re doing, and if you don’t research it until you do. Also, location, location, location. You may have to pay more for the best spot in town, but it’s worth it — always.

What’s your favorite part about being a business owner?

I’m a believer in God and thank him every day for all that I have. This country has given me so much opportunity since moving here, so my favorite thing about being a business owner is to be able to give back to my community through my businesses. Like the saying goes, “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” – John F. Kennedy. I’m here to help people by giving job opportunities which makes me feel very happy.


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