Getting Intimate with Theadora Boutique

By Tara Valone

When it comes to building relationships, Jackie Kromm, owner at Theadora Boutique, strives to make her customers feel like they belong, like they have a place at her store, but also in her heart. If you know Jackie, you know that she is caring, kind, genuine and loving. These feelings radiate through Theadora and how it has evolved over the years. Customer experience is her number one focus, not only to help you find what you’re looking for but directing you to other shops here in Lincoln Center if it’s something she doesn’t carry. She says, “the best thing you can give a customer is information, and that means if they can’t find it with us, they can find it somewhere else in the Center.” Jackie has trained her staff to implement the same approach, and it truly shows.

Theadora continues to carry a wide range of clothing for different age groups — ranging from 20 “somethings” up to women in their 80s. She notes there’s always room for growth, and she is so excited about what is coming in for Spring. New things to look out for this season are new junior brands at a better price point, tailoring to a younger generation, while still satisfying an older generation. Jackie is finding mom and daughter duos shopping more and more in her store and wants to provide a space where the two of them can share their shopping experience so that mom or daughter can find something all under the same roof.

Where Jackie is really excited to grow is where she says there is an untapped market here in town in her lingerie department, but specifically in mastectomy bras. California ranks as one of the top 10 states in the country for Breast Cancer diagnosis. It knows no age, environment or size, but it’s also lacking in its post-surgical offerings. Jackie explains that women are struggling to find what they need, and many women are wanting to prepare for their surgery ahead of time. They have an opportunity to do this through their insurance, but there isn’t a good option in town to purchase the correct garments. Aside from their already tough journey, finding a bra that fits post-surgery shouldn’t be an issue, and Jackie is working to fill that void. Not only does she want to provide their basic needs, she wants to help them feel desirable again — to themselves and their loved ones. She sees patients from all over, and as young as 21, finding it “striking that there are so many women who have Breast Cancer.”

Theadora specializes in providing women post-surgical garments for support and comfort that include not only the bra but prosthetics too. Navigational nurses at our local hospitals are where a lot of women are referred to Theadora through. However, there is one caveat — but another opportunity for Theadora — and that is accommodating customers, survivors, and patients by accepting insurance. Theadora currently does not take insurance but is something she is working towards, especially with the lack of local availability. Many women are foregoing their insurance covering these garments because they’re in a bind and purchasing them outright from their own pocket. Jackie is anticipating accreditation for accepting insurance in the near future.

The passion that lives through Jackie and Theadora is evident — she loves every aspect of her store. From keeping up with trends, shopping for clothing, outfitting Mother of the Bride dresses, pajamas and even catering towards men with the SAXX underwear line, she “feels like the store is more than just a clothing store. There’s a wonderful group of men and women that know us and who we continue to build beautiful relationships with throughout the community. I love seeing how we can help them, and in turn, how they nourish us.”   

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For more information on mastectomy bras, contact Theadora Boutique.

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