Wells Fargo

Between Podesto’s Market and Starbucks

Wells Fargo will be opening an ATM location, right here in Lincoln Center, between Podesto’s Market and Starbucks. The ATM will be open in early March for withdrawals.

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Lean Feast

405 Benjamin Holt Drive

Lean Feast is a convenience-based traditional restaurant and online storefront. It provides healthy options for on-the-go meals. A description of Lean Feast might lend itself to a Chipotle/Subway hybrid with all the conveniences of a clean eatery. Within their restaurant, you’ll find 23 flavors of protein (chicken, steak, fish and ground turkey and more), 13 vegetable options and six carbohydrates to choose from. Customers select their desired portion sizing of a protein, a carb & a veggie–it’s as simple as that! Meals are prepared before the customer and they have the option of taking it to go or dining in to enjoy the experience.

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Mancini’s Sleepworld 

6555 Pacific Avenue

Mancini’s Sleepworld was founded in 1969. With over 33 locations, their warehouse is over 100,000 square feet in size and almost every mattress they carry can be delivered the same day. We are excited to see this move into Lincoln Center in the previous Performance Bicycle location.

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Havana Leaf & Vine

209 Lincoln Center

A new cigar shop is on the horizon to open this year at Lincoln Center. Havana Leaf & Vine will bring you the counties finest cigars you can find. Including some new additions that will be announced as they get closer to opening.

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