New Life

President and CEO of Lincoln Center, Phil Johnson, is proud of the partnership with the Gospel Center Rescue Mission.  “When I realized just how bad the homeless situation has gotten here, I wanted to make a commitment to help…and not just a one-time donation,” says Johnson.  “We have the resources and the passion to make a positive social impact, and the fact that we can actually sponsor individuals on their path to leading productive lives is powerful.” For over 75 years the Gospel Center Rescue Mission (GCRM) has served Stockton and surrounding communities by providing food, shelter, clothing, addiction treatment and medical care for the homeless.  And since its inception, the GRMC has remained true to its core belief that each and every homeless person is an individual — not a statistic.  When a person walks through the doors at the Gospel Center they might be seeking temporary shelter or a hot meal, but what they get is an opportunity to change their life.