The Well-Groomed Man

By Da-Vid, POMP Salon

I’m sure there’s no argument when it comes to the undeniable preference of a well-groomed man. Think James Bond, George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio or any icon of style and you’re likely to conjure an image of a well-groomed man.  The scruffy, unshaven and tousled look definitely has its pulse and purpose, but hands down, nothing beats the polished, well-groomed man. He stands alone as a man of taste, substance, class, style and character.

The attention to male grooming in today’s world has reached such an extensive level that the male grooming category is no longer viewed as the category of the “metrosexual”. It is very common and likely to see one’s husband, brother, son, father, etc. using salon services and products. Most hair salons today have expertise in both hairdressing and barbering and can produce both the classic and modern looks men desire.

Recently, when a friend was shopping for cologne, he was faced with what looked like hundreds of options. Finally, with his nose tired from sniffing scent soaked cards, he asked the female behind the counter, “What is the best cologne, in your opinion?” She answered, “When women come in to buy cologne for their husband or boyfriend they buy Acqua di Gio 10 to 1.” Here was a person giving guidance who was both an expert in her field and a woman, and knew the reason men wear cologne – for women. Most men want to be and have what women like. Where then, can a man go to get better styling guidance than a hair salon? A salon is expert in this area.

On that note I’d like to delve into what’s on point for Mister Well-Groomed:

  • Keep your hair tight and clean at the nape with a soft close graduation up to the temples, depending on the desired top length. Note: A tapered side part can add a clean edge to this classic silhouette. This, like most hairstyles, can be dressed in various ways – for a Sunday brunch, use Clean Cut Styling Cream by Mitch (Paul Mitchell) or Pliable Definer by label.m. These products can offer a dry, soft tousled, uncontrived appearance. In addition, products such as Pliable Definer can be worked with all day long as opposed to gels.
  •  For an evening out, incorporating Miracle Fiber or Soft Wax by label.m can offer a subtle sheen with a variety of intensities of hold depending on your mood or activity.
  • The everyday Joe can get through the workday with Extra Strong Gel by label.m or by “cocktailing” a bit of flex control with Power Gel by Joico and get a day lasting result. In the salon we “cocktail” most of our products. Cocktailing is simply mixing two or more products together on your head to achieve your desired custom look.
  • Lastly, let’s talk about blazers. Consider adding blazers to complete your well-groomed look. A blazer can be worn with either jeans or slacks, to a sporting event, pub, or restaurant. Remember, it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed!


If you need help with any of these looks, ask your stylist or ask Da-Vid by submitting questions to[email protected].


David Alejo is a Master Stylist and makeup artist at POMP Salon with more than 25 years experience. He has trained in Italy and has a passion for all things involving fashion.

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