Know Your Neighbor – Lynda Winter

Owner, Great Spectacles

What is your favorite sport? 

Football – I have been a 49er fan for many years, good years and the bad ones. I’m hoping for a positive turn around for the 17-18 team.

What is one thing you are most proud of? 

In the late 1970’s I started a running program, averaged about 40 plus miles a week. I finished 6 marathons with a best time at the San Francisco Marathon of 3 hours 36 minutes and qualified for the Boston Marathon. I realized I could finish almost anything I set my mind to do.

How long have you owned Great Spectacles?

27 years

What do you like to do on your days off? 

I love to cook and usually have company most weekends. I am always on the hunt for antique items and love to change vignettes around the house and at the office.

What do you like to do for fun? 

Relaxing is not my cup of tea – give me gardening, planting, cooking, re-displaying almost anything and I am having fun.

What is your favorite thing about working at Great Spectacles? 

There are wonderful people that we see daily. The variety of eyewear designs are so diverse as are the customers. It is always a joy to find the perfect fresh look for the consumer, something they feel good in and see well out of.

What’s the current glasses trend for 2017?

WOW, the variety in trends this year… large, small, round, gold, simple, flashy, mirror lenses, digital Rx and blue light protection – to name a few.

What made you want to get involved in this industry?

At age 18 with a child to support I secured a job with an Optometrist. Little did I know this would become my future. I worked and learned from 3 wonderful Optometrists for 20 years. It is amazing to think that I still love what I do after 47 years. I still see many people that have been customers of mine for well over 40 years.

How many pairs of glasses do you own personally?

Considering I have been in the business for years, I have quite a collection. I have an Rx in all that I wear and add a few styles or current colors to my wardrobe seasonally.

Tell us about your recent recognition by INVISION Magazine. 

What an honor to be in the elite group of “America’s Finest Optical”. INVISION Magazine is a top national trade publication, the annual award is given to 12 Optical Retailers by a selection of national judges. Great Spectacles will be featured in the January issue of INVISION. The selection criteria focus is business acumen, gorgeous offices, creative marketing and passion for what you do.  n

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