POMP Salon

Hip, sleek and contemporary…these are the three words that Dino Ballin told me described his newest Salon. POMP Salon & Blowout Bar brings you the full metropolitan feel right here in Stockton. For the hour or two that you are there, you’ll think you have been transported to a high-class NYC salon.


POMP was inspired by a salon in New York called Posh Salon. When visiting this salon in New York, Dino thought, “Why not in Stockton?” Owner Dino Ballin wanted his 12th salon to be something new and different. And he did just that by bringing to Stockton its first true Blowout Bar experience, complete with a Freestylist hanging hair dryer system. This hair dryer system delivers the highest ionic content available and does a superb job, infusing shine and health while drying. They also “float”, supporting the entire weight of the dryer to alleviate shoulder stress for the stylist. For the Blowout bar experience, a client can choose any hairstyle for only $35. They will receive a shampoo and head massage and with the Freestylist Hanging Hair Dryers, get whatever look they desire.


POMP has stylists on-hand, dedicated to the Blowout Bar services, offering all of the current hairstyle trends. POMP has classes every Monday night, with educators from Label.m, TIGI, JOICO, etc. Making sure that the stylists not only know the current trends – but are GREAT at them. They have in-house educators from all three of these companies.

Dino is passionate about helping young stylists find their way in the hair salon industry. He loves seeing young stylists discover their worthiness and become confident, professional hairdressers with solid careers. Pushing the hair business at POMP and his other salons is not only good for the stylists he works with everyday, but for all stylists in Stockton.


One look at POMP explains it all. Most clients and stylists have never seen a salon like POMP anywhere else. It’s not just a great, progressive salon “for Stockton”. POMP Salon would hold it’s own in any city.

POMP not only has the look and tools to be a metropolitan salon but it also is equipped with only the best stylists from all over the community. POMP has been blessed to have the former owner of Salon Da-V, David Alejo along with his entire crew, including the Queen of Reception Teresa Garibaldi, move to POMP Salon. Dino says, “They are magnificent hairdressers and we couldn’t be more pleased that they chose POMP.”


One story that Dino really wanted to share is about a woman named Raquel, a hairstylist form Grasshopper Salon on South Park in San Francisco. She was in Stockton eating dinner at Market Tavern with her husband. When leaving the Center, upon seeing POMP, she screamed, “STOP!” and ran into the Salon and spoke to Dino. She said, “There is a movement taking place in Stockton and I want to be a part of it.” Now, Raquel works at POMP Salon and she is the in-house Label.m educator. She has worked backstage at New York and LA Fashion Week with Label.m, has traveled to London, Rome, New York, Miami, Los Angeles for education and we are so lucky to have her here at POMP! She is one of the first hair stylists to leave San Francisco to work in Stockton – so rare and exciting!

Dino notes, “I am very grateful that Lincoln Center management believed in the vision of POMP and it’s amazing to see it now as a living, thriving entity. I am blessed!”

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