Give the Gift of Health

The holidays can be such a joyful time — there are parties to attend, food to be eaten, drinks to be drank. But they can also be stressful. Financial stress, emotional stress and of course, physical stress on those soon-to-be expanding waistlines. There’s more in the Center than delicious food and great shopping — treat your significant other to the gift of health this season through these various businesses that provide long-term health.

Planet Beach Automated Spa

Sometimes you just need a good stretch! Planet Beach is offering a different type of Hot Yoga in an infra-red heated room. Follow along with the instructor on the TV for a deep stretch, mega sweat 45-minute workout. Models clothes are from Fleet Feet Sports.

Kym with A Y

Nothing is more rejuvenating than a facial. Let the experts give you a personalized facial, tailored to your specific needs. Lie down, close your eyes, and enjoy. The radiant afterglow is a plus.



American Hearing Aids

Give the gift of hearing this season! There’s nothing worse than talking to your mother or father-in-law who can’t hear a word your saying, but nods along anyway! But, seriously. Debbie Bond and the team at American Hearing Aids can assist on giving back the gift of hearing to your loved ones.

Therapeutic Massage Center

Tranquility greets you behind the doors of Therapeutic Massage Center. Whether it’s their relaxation sauna or deep tissue massage, you will leave feeling the peace that comes from taking care of yourself.


Ben Mackie Fitness

Your body is the vessel you use to move through life, and it deserves your love and care. Visit Ben Mackie’s many offerings – yoga, spin, barre, personal training – and dedicate time to your body this season. Ben’s pants and shoes are from Fleet Feet Sports.

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