A Little FLAIR for Mother of the Brides (or Grooms)!

Weddings are such a beautiful time. For most newly engaged, it can be extremely overwhelming. There are so many decisions to make, and depending on when and where you’re getting married,

you don’t have time to hesitate. In the midst of making those decisions — que the questions from family, coworkers and friends: Have you set a date? Where are you getting married? Do you have a dress yet? Who’s your caterer? Phew! Some are lucky enough to have Mothers and Fathers who support them emotionally, physically and maybe even financially.  And some even have Mothers or Mother-in-laws that are available for planning help. There’s nothing like an extra set of hands and eyes on the details of putting together your most dreamed perfect day!

For Mothers—of the bride or groom—this can also be an overwhelming time. Your family, coworkers and friends are asking the same questions your daughter or future daughters-in-law are getting — we’re sure. You may not be able to control those questions, or your future daughter-in-law, but the one thing you can control is what you’re going to wear!

Starr Donati, of Flair Boutique, has dressed multiple mothers of the bride and groom throughout the years. A tailored process, which starts with your idea of what you want to wear to your son or daughter’s big day. Starr helps you narrow down colors, textures, length — from head to toe. Do you want to wear a head piece? What shoes will you pair with it? Is your event black tie? Starr says her favorite part of helping these mother’s is “seeing them feel so good, is so gratifying.” She has even accomplished ordering, purchasing and shipping a dress in under a week — shipping across the country for that matter, with her client’s dress waiting in her Virginia hotel room. The customer service at Flair Boutique is always above and beyond.

Tami Matthews, pictured here, has been a Flair Boutique shopper for many years. She boasted of Starr and Flair Boutique that when she went into the store, she had no clue what she wanted to wear to her daughters October 2018 wedding. Starr helped her pull together a vision of how she wanted to look that night and executed flawlessly. Tami felt beyond comfortable at Flair Boutique, which even provided in-house alterations on her dress, as well as working with the vendor on getting a smaller size sent back to the store! Starr picked out her jewelry and made the entire process stress-free. Tami said she of course had a million other things to think about during that time, and Starr made getting the perfect dress “smooth, non-forceful, and always with a smile. She just cared about me and wanted me to look my best.”

So, whether you need a dress for your own child’s wedding this year, or you’re on the guest list — be sure to stop into Flair Boutique to let them work their magic!

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