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In the summer of 2007, Alyssa Marty, owner of SHINE Cycle + Yoga + Barre, fell in love with the practice of yoga. Moving from Lodi to Arizona after high school, she was searching for a community – a place to call her own. She received her 200-hour yoga teacher training certification and started teaching sporadically in between finishing her degree at Arizona State University. She may not have predicted that fast forward 12 years she would be opening her dream studio right here in Lincoln Center, but she started with just that – a dream of owning a cycle, yoga and barre studio, and today, that dream has become a reality.

The end goal has always been to share her passion for yoga with the community of Stockton – marrying yoga and wellness. Although the studio offers cycle and barre, her foundation is centered around yoga philosophy. Encouraging the community to root down with the fundamentals of yoga: breathing, linking breath to movement and connecting with themselves. “It’s not just about losing weight or becoming more flexible – it’s about your connection,” says Alyssa. Setting intentions to feel better about yourself through your personal experience with the practice, which then allows you to connect with other people in a more authentic way. More than that, Alyssa and the team at SHINE have created an environment where you can meet likeminded people, take a variety of classes, and most importantly, feel better from the inside out.

Opening in June 2019 in the Atrium, Alyssa proudly states that as a collective, she and her team are “so excited to be in Lincoln Center and to expand their offerings into cycle,” something they’ve been working on for two years. SHINE has 21 teachers and five front desk “yogis” that work day and night to manifest the studio atmosphere for its students. “One of the best things about the studio are the people that work here – they support each other and our students. It makes it immensely gratifying to run a business when people are doing it for each other,” says Alyssa.

“The Ride at SHINE” is all about rhythm riding, a.k.a. riding to the beat of the music. But don’t worry, if you can’t hold a beat, you can still cycle your heart out. Lauren Galbraith, Cycle Manager & Instructor is always encouraging riders to be their best selves, using mindful words like “don’t be afraid of failing, be afraid of giving up.” There are currently 12 bikes in the cycle room, and Alyssa and the team are eager to expand.

Yoga at SHINE comes in many diverse offerings – from heated vinyasa yoga, non-heated vinyasa yoga, yin and restorative classes. The heated classes can be up to 85°F with infrared heaters that promote cellular re-generation and increase the elimination of toxins in your body. You can also become a certified yoga teacher through an in-depth training hosted on location here at Lincoln Center starting in September.

Meet us at the Barre! Not the bar you’re thinking of. This ballet-inspired workout combines ballet movements with other disciplines including pilates, dance, yoga and functional training, all set to fun upbeat music. This full body workout will leave you feeling stronger, happier and more connected to your body.

Aside from getting a great workout in, you can also buy some of the hottest workout gear on the market – from Lululemon to Alo, Tiem cycle shoes, yoga mats and blocks, SHINE branded tank-tops and water bottles, and even some aromatherapy products. Need to shower before heading to your next destination? SHINE has bathrooms equipped with showers so you can sweat now and shine later. 

Whether you’re looking to strengthen your mind, body or soul – SHINE Cycle + Yoga + Barre has something just right, just for you.

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