Merle Norman Cosmetics

Donna Vincent | Owner

Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born and raised in Stockton. I attended public school through seventh grade, then transferred to Annunciation Catholic School for eighth grade. I then went on to graduate from St. Mary’s High School and later attended Delta College. A passion of mine was dance, so I took four years of ballet, modern contemporary and choreography. I have three children, eight grandchildren and three great grandchildren (my fourth great grandchild is due Oct. 30!).

How long have you owned Merle Norman?

I have owned Merle Norman for 24 years. I bought my first Merle Norman studio in Modesto in June of 1995. After five years in August of 2000, I purchased the Merle Norman Studio in Stockton in beautiful Lincoln Center. I love my location and I love my work!

What brought you into the make-up business?

My mother was a great example for fashion, color, and creativity. When I was eight years old, I convinced her to let me be a gypsy for Halloween so I could wear bangles and red lipstick. When I was 13 my mother enrolled me in the Katten & Marengo “Fashion Debs” where I learned fashion, makeup and modeling. I eventually moved onto art and oil painting, so color has always been easy for me. When I see someone, my mind starts to create color.

Is there anything special Merle Norman is offering for the holiday season?

For the Holidays we have some very exciting products! We have a new eye palette, blush colors and lipstick shades coming your way. There will also be a new gift with purchase available featuring our skin care line, Skintelligent.

What is your favorite product or item you sell?

I enjoy introducing customers to skin care that is appropriate for their skin type. I love when they see and feel a difference in their skin. I also love doing makeovers and helping customers be confident in doing their own individual look. One thing that people may not know is that we offer FREE facials! They take about 30 minutes, and require an appointment, but we can focus on specific skincare needs and we always finish with the appropriate skincare.

What are the must-have products of the season?

We have foundation and skin care for all types of skin and all needs — normal, oily, dry, sensitive, combination and acne. You can choose from several types of foundations. We have concealers, CC cream, powders and powder foundation, eye shadows, blush (cream and powder) and several types of lip color.

Any advice for those looking to spice up their make-up routine?

To spice up your make up routine you can do simple additions like adding additional eye liner. If you wear black, add royal blue on bottom lid over the black. If you wear brown, add copper or gold. Always start with a primer and end with finishing spray.

What is your dream vacation?

I think I just had my dream vacation. I went to Paris with my family for my granddaughters wedding. Most perfect dream ever! She let me do her complete make up — it was such an honor.

What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

I love Christmas. Lots of food and family! Our tradition is one person opens their presents at a time, we start with the youngest and proceed to the oldest… takes forever! But really fun.

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